Tuesday, October 10, 2017

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US Senate Intelligence Committee is ridiculous. Did not approach me or WikiLeaks for testimony or information, at all, ever. Unprofessional.  Julian Assange, Twitter, Oct 4

2-- The US Plan C for Syria and Iraq: its reckless game with the Kurds

3-- ISIS carries out attacks from US-controlled ‘black-hole’ area near Al-Tanf base – Russian MoD

4--Has Israel Effectively Colonized the United States?

5--The elites “have no credibility left:” An interview with journalist Chris Hedges     

6--Data From Twitter And WordPress Is Giving Intelligence Committees The Opportunity To Gain Insights Into The Real "Guccifer 2. adam carter   

7--Trump’s declaration that “only one thing will work” in dealing with North Korea

In a chilling indication of what is being planned and what would be required of the army, Mattis quoted Fehrenbach: “You may fly over a nation forever, you may bomb it, atomise it, pulverise it and wipe it clean of life. But if you desire to defend it... you must do this on the ground the way the Roman legions did: by putting your young men in the mud.”...

Over the past 25 years, successive US governments have pursued a policy of undisguised hostility towards Pyongyang and have never negotiated in good faith. In 1994, President Clinton was on the brink of launching an all-out war against North Korea. He only pulled back at the last moment when his generals made clear that there would be tens of thousands of US military casualties and nearly half a million South Korean military casualties in the first three months of a war.

8--Syria shows evidence that western weapons end up in terrorist hands

9--Russia Interfered!" - By Purchasing Anti-Trump Ads?

After the ludicrous "Russian hacking" claims have died down for lack of evidence, the attention was moved to even more ludicrous claims of "Russian ads influenced the elections". Some readers are upset that continue to debunk the nonsense the media spreads around this. But lies should not stand without response. If only to blame the reporters and media who push this dreck.

As evidence is also lacking for any "Russian interference" claims the media outlets have started to push deceiving headlines. These make claims that are not covered at all by the content of the related pieces. The headlines are effective because less than 20% of the viewers ever read beyond them.
On the NYT Homepage today we find another one of these: Google Finds Russia Bought Ads to Interfere in Election.

Google has found no ads that "Russia", the state or nation, has bought. There is also no evidence that the ads in question interfered in any way with the election. There is evidence that any of the ads in questions aimed to achieve that. The opener of the piece repeats the false headline claims. But now we have "Russian agents", not "Russia", which allegedly did something.
Google has found evidence that Russian agents bought ads on its wide-ranging networks in an effort to interfere with the 2016 presidential campaign.
The term "Russian agents" is not defined at all. Where these "secret agents" or Public Relation professionals in Washington DC hired by some Russian entity?
Using accounts believed to be connected to the Russian government, the agents purchased $4,700 worth of search ads and more traditional display ads, according to a person familiar with the company’s inquiry ...
"Accounts believed to be connected to the Russian government." Believed by whom? And how is "connected" defined? Isn't any citizen "connected" to his or her government

9--Was CIA Director Brennan the “Russian hacker?” Uh huh  Ray McGovern

10--Turkey intervenes in Syria: What you need to know

11-- America to blame for everything-- America Causes War, Sorrow, Poverty - Epic Rant From #1 Russian Anchor (Kiselyov

Isn't this how how the US acts all over the world though?
They destroy countries, cause civil wars, bring sorrow and poverty to entire nations. Just like that.

They seem to not even notice the consequences of their actions.
They blame others for everything, and then gloat about being sinless.
With this simple, carefree mentality, they can allow themselves everything....

They tap phones and read emails of billions of people on the planet, including the leaders of US allied countries.
They arrest foreign citizens all over the world and throw them in secret jails outside of the US. Outside of the US of course, so that they can torture them, without fear of breaking any of their own laws.
They plan and execute coup d'etats and color revolutions. They usually time them with the elections in the victim country...

They start and execute military operations without sanctions from the UN.
They falsely justify their own actions and act on false pretenses. For cover, they gather fake coalitions.
And all of this is done with that simple American air of naivete.
That same mindset allows them to be allied with what is left of Islamic State in Deir-ez-Zor.
With the same simple-mindedness, Trump threatened to destroy an entire country at the UN General Assembly.

The Americans have already announced that they are pulling out of the the nuclear agreement with Iran. Without any justifiable reasons, in spite of everything and everyone. Just like that.  
When Donald Trump became President, he received the people's mandate to build a rational relationship with Russia, and to implement a more rational policy in the world.
He wasn't supposed to overthrow foreign governments. Right now, Trump acts in direct opposition to his voters' expectations.
Is there, at least, one problem in the world which the US has helped solve this year? - No.

12--  Just how nutty Russia gate has become, Robert Parry

The mainstream Russia-gate narrative also keeps running up against other inconveniently contrary facts that then have to be explained away by the “responsible media.” For instance, The New York Times discovered that one of the “Russia-linked” Facebook groups was devoted to photos of “adorable puppies.” That left the “newspaper of record” musing about how nefarious the Russians must be to cloak their sinister operations behind puppies. [See Consortiumnews.com’s “The Mystery of the Russia-gate Puppies.”]

The alternative explanation, of course, is unthinkable at least within the confines of “acceptable thought”; the alternative being that there might be no sinister Kremlin campaign to poison American politics or to install Trump in the White House, that what we are witnessing is a mainstream stampede similar to what preceded the Iraq War in 2003.

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