Saturday, August 5, 2017

Today's links

1-- AUDIO INTERVIEW & ARTICLE: Ray McGovern on CIA Head John Brennan

Brennan advocates kidnapping, torture, drone warfare, targeted killing etc.

I know the guy,...a failed analyst....who endeared himself to Tenet
There are two CIAs......A body of expert analysts who could inform the president.
Operational arm came from the Office of Strategic Services. The merging of the analytic arm with the operational arm was a big mistake....

The corruption of the CIA ...during the run-up to the war in Iraq, and Brennan was right in the center of it...
"In Nov 2007, they concluded (20:07) all 16 agencies concluded with high confidence that Iran had stopped working on a nuclear weapon in 2003...Was that an outlier view. No all 16 agencies and it has been reaffirmed every year."
Brennan said to Diane Feinstein's committee that "Iran is bent on acquiring nuclear weapons and ICBMs.

Bush's memoir page 419  "This tied my hands (minute 22 very important) 

Minute 33 Why Israel and the US are NOT really allies

last minute Progressives ask Obama why he doesn't pursue more progressive policies and Obama says, "Because I remember what happened to MLK" 

2-- Middle-Income Americans Have Loads of Financial Stress..  Now, even those with decent salaries are feeling the pressure. Here's why middle earners are worried, and what they can do to quash those fears

In a newly released MassMutual study, 48% of Americans aged 25 to 65 with an annual household income of $35,000 to $150,000 said they worry about money at least once a week. All told, more than one-third of middle earners identified as feeling "not very" or "not at all" financially secure, including those at the top end of that range....

3--FBI spied on social media on election day to monitor people saying mean things about Hillary

The FBI monitored social media on Election Day last year in an effort to track a suspected Russian disinformation campaign utilizing "fake news," CNN has learned.
In the months leading up to Election Day, Twitter and Facebook were the feeding grounds for viral "news" stories floating conspiracies and hoaxes, many aimed at spreading negative false claims about Hillary Clinton.
On Election Day, dozens of agents and analysts huddled at a command center arrayed with large monitoring screens at the FBI headquarters in Washington watching for security threats, according to multiple sources....

That included analysts monitoring cyber threats, after months of mounting Russian intrusions targeting every part of the US political system, from political parties to policy think-tanks to state election systems.
On this day, there was also a group of FBI cyber and counterintelligence analysts and investigators watching social media.
FBI analysts had identified social media user accounts behind stories, some based overseas, and the suspicion was that at least some were part of a Russian disinformation campaign, according to two sources familiar with the investigation.
The FBI declined to comment for this story.

For the FBI, this was uncomfortable territory, given the First Amendment's free speech protections even for fake news stories.
"We were right on the edge of Constitutional legality," a person briefed on the investigation said. "We were monitoring news."

JEFFREY SMITH, Former CIA General Counsel: No, I don’t think so.
Leaks are a real problem. They can cause real harm, but I think one has to distinguish between leaks of information that is genuinely classified and truly does cause harm and leaks of information that people regard as sensitive, but is more political in nature.

So it’s important to concentrate on those leaks that really do cause harm to national security, and not just on those that are inconvenient for leadership.
HARI SREENIVASAN: James Risen, given that sort of definition that Jeffrey Smith gave us of what constitutes a leak and what doesn’t, should The Washington Post have published the transcripts of the president’s conversations with the Mexican president and the Australian leader?

JAMES RISEN: Well, in my opinion, yes. I think it’s in the real public interest, because it showed — for one thing, it showed what Donald Trump really thinks of his wall idea and how political of an issue it was for him.

I think Jeff is absolutely right that there is a distinction between national security reporting and political reporting. And I think Donald Trump is going to be very disappointed, because the kind of leaks that he rages about are just what Jeff just described as political in nature. And they don’t really fall under the kind of cases that can be prosecuted in any meaningful way.

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