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Jeffrey St Clair:  "Nothing better illustrates the eclipse of US global power than the fact that Afghanistan refuses to be subjugated or even managed, despite 16 years of hard-core carnage. Since the first US airstrikes hit Kandahar in October 2001, more than 150,000 Afghan civilians have been killed. Still Afghanistan resists imperial dictates..."

1-- Russia’s Eastern Economic Forum to attract over $20bn in foreign investment

'One Belt, One Road' Initiative

Moscow and Beijing will discuss China's Belt and Road Initiative which is bringing together dozens of countries in a global infrastructure project. China first proposed the economic project in 2013. It envisions two components: the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. Together, they are expected to cover more than 60 percent of the world’s population and more than a third of global economic output

2--Strange bedfellows; US befriends Marxist militia to defeat ISIS

PBS begrudgingly sings praises of "hardcore Marxists" 

JUDY WOODRUFF: Their unusual mix of Marxist ideology, local governance and military prowess has made them a sort of political Rorschach test. Labels describing them span the political spectrum: pro-Western fighters, radical leftists, hardcore Marxists, atheists, revolutionary feminists, among others. Not open to debate: their central role in defeating ISIS.

3--US imperialism and the threat of nuclear war against North Korea

After more than forty years of brutal colonial rule by Japan, the US installed a military dictatorship in Seoul and waged a near-genocidal war in the early 1950s to preserve the artificial division of the Korean Peninsula into North and South. Since the end of the war, North Korea has been subjected to a US-led economic blockade, accompanied by repeated provocations and military threats.

4--Korean Reunification??

...the Korean War was not a civil war at all. South Korea did not sign the armistice agreement in 1953, but was and still is just a puppet army under the military control of the US. So that’s another problem: people don’t know that the Korean War was only between North Korea and the US. South Korea had nothing to do with it and can’t sign a peace treaty today because the US won’t let them. So it's up to the US to leave Korea to the Koreans. If they go back home, everything will be solved."....
How will reunification happen? Based on the model of one country, two systems. It would be a confederate model, keeping communism in the north and capitalism in the south, but with open borders and a parliament that would agree to work together on projects like the Korean DMZ. But the US has to leave first, of course.

5--No progress in afghan quagmire

There has never been progress by the U.S. military in Afghanistan, unless you are asking the U.S. military contractors or the Afghan drug barons, of whom an extremely large share are our allies in the Afghan government, militias and security forces, there has only been suffering and destruction....

Similarly, any progress in reconstructing or developing Afghanistan has been found to be non existent despite the more than $100 billion spent by the United States on such efforts by the Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction (SIGAR). $100 billion, by the way, is more money than was spent on the Marshall Plan when that post-WWII reconstruction plan is put into inflation adjusted dollars

6-- The War That Time Forgot St Clair

Nothing better illustrates the eclipse of US global power than the fact that Afghanistan refuses to be subjugated or even managed, despite 16 years of hard-core carnage. Since the first US airstrikes hit Kandahar in October 2001, more than 150,000 Afghan civilians have been killed. Still Afghanistan resists imperial dictates...

Most Americans have no idea why we are in Afghanistan; it’s the longest running Fake War in American history. Some, as many as 20 percent according to a Gallup Poll, have no idea that we are still in Afghanistan. Osama Bin Laden and Mullah Omar are both long dead. The shattered remnants of Al Qaeda have fled to Pakistan and parts unknown. Hamid Karzai has come and gone. For the last six months, the US hasn’t even troubled itself to send an ambassador to Kabul.

A kind of convenient cultural amnesia has set in, abetted by a compliant press corps that has largely decamped from the Hindu Kush and now treats Afghanistan as if it is some kind of interstellar region, where photographers are occasionally dispatched to snap eerie debris clouds from the detonation of MOAB bombs. It’s no wonder that the few Americans who continue to support the war cling to the delusion that Afghanistan orchestrated the 9/11 attacks. It is the War that Time Forgot....

If that living monument to the Confederacy Jefferson B. Sessions was serious about confronting the rising scourge of opiate addiction in the US, he would start by calling for an immediate end to US military operations in Afghanistan. Forget marijuana, the real gateway to heroin abuse is war. Since the start of Operation Enduring Freedom, opium production has swelled, now accounting for more than one-third of the wrecked Afghan economy. In the last two years alone, opium poppy yields have doubled, a narcotic blowback now hitting the streets of American cities from Amarillo to Pensacola. With every drone strike in the Helmond Province, a thousand more poppies bloom.

7-- Vote Tallies and Class Struggle, Rob Urie

Replacing class analysis with vote tallies grants primacy to the existing order. And focusing on social divisions rather than class solidarity is a gift to the ruling class. Racism is a problem, but economic democracy is the only plausible solution. The path forward for the left is to leave the Democrat party behind. Otherwise Democrats are the left to most Americans.....

The left-like hypothesis, courtesy of skilled (at being cynical) cynics in the Democrat party, of ‘White Backlash’ implies an upswell of angry voters whereas the actual percentage of White voters was pretty close to that of 2008. Blacks stayed home in 2016 (link above). Furthermore, basic social logic has it that Barack Obama was / is a neoliberal piece of shit who saved Wall Street and left everyone else to rot. This same social logic has it that Hillary Clinton was / is a lying neoliberal piece of shit who would have done the same if given the chance....

After a half century of capitalist resurgence and serial crises, are left thinkers actually contending that moral sentiments— racism, sexism and homophobia, are cause rather than effect? The developed West just experienced the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and it occurred in the midst of the wholesale destruction of the U.S. manufacturing economy and a move to a ‘gig’ economy that doesn’t pay a living wage or benefits. A more perfect formula for social dissolution has rarely been conceived....

Bill (and Hillary) Clinton loved Black people so much that they threw a few hundred thousand of them into prison.

8-- Kaepernick: Taking a knee for truth

National Football League quarterback Colin Kaepernick is getting the same treatment all black people do when they dare to speak truthfully about their condition in this country. During last year’s season he “took a knee” instead of standing for the national anthem and he did so to protest police murders of black people.

Kaepernick hasn’t wavered in speaking out against the state that takes at least one black life every day and he has paid a high price for his courage. Kaepernick is now a free agent but not one team has expressed an interest in signing him to a contract.

Kaepernick’s actions are in stark contrast to those of other sports figures who chose silence and expedience over speaking out on behalf of their people. When basketball star Lebron James was asked about the police murder of 11-year old Tamir Rice he replied, “I haven't really been on top of this issue, so it's hard for me to comment.” James surely knew one thing. Racist white people support killing his people, including children, and aren’t shy about saying so. Even a mealy mouthed statement would have brought criticism and he knew it. That is why Kaepernick’s stance deserves our support.

9-- Senate Declares War On Assange

10-- Trump skewers media. Rabble rousing Trump attacks media

28 15--  the media fomenting divisions...these are truly dishonest people. and they're really bad people and I really think they don't like our country  The only people giving a platform to these hates groups is the media itself and the fake news 29 min
if you want to discover the source of the divisions in our country look no further than the crooked news and the fake media 


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