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"House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi added that the change the Democratic party will be making “is not a course correction, but it’s a presentation correction.” Caitlin Johnstone

1--Russian Hacking" Exposed as Inside Job  short video

2--Ray McGovern: The Deep State Assault on Elected Government Must Be Stopped 

video:  McGovern presents plausible scenario of how the plan to blame Russia evolved--10:15  "What did Hillary do?
...Hillary gathered her war council and one fellow says,  "I know what we can do. We'll blame it on the Russians ...
Someone else says, "But it wasn't the Russians it was WikiLeaks"
Well, that's a twofer. We hate them both equally , so we'll say WikiLeaks is working with the Russians."
That was two days before the convention.
Someone else says, "what would the rationale be?"
"C'mon, the Russians clearly want Trump to win.
"But how about the major media?"
Well, the major media really want Hillary to win, so if we get the major media on board, well, we really got it wired."
McGovern--"And if you watch the coverage since the WikiLeaks leak, two days before the convention, the media content was not about 'did Hillary steal this election' it was about "How did the Russians do it?" 

3--How the Hillary Clinton campaign deliberately “elevated” Donald Trump with its “pied piper” strategy

An email released by WikiLeaks shows how the Democratic Party purposefully "elevated" Trump to "leader of the pack"

Leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee show that the organization, which is supposed to be bound to impartiality, sabotaged Sanders’ insurgent presidential campaign, which had mobilized millions of people and inspired a massive grassroots movement.

4--We thank trump because the real face of America has been revealed 

5--Bombshell report: Obama admin’s police state tactics revealed

To be clear, this means that Obama’s NSA spied on American citizens, collected data it should not have had, and then shared that data with an intelligence community that did not know it shouldn’t have it. Private information about American citizens that should have been deleted immediately potentially was widely circulated among government intelligence bureaucrats – members of the so-called “deep state” – who should never have seen that intelligence.
In sum total, these memos reveal the NSA under the Obama administration violated the law numerous times by over-collecting data it wasn’t permitted to receive, by failing to provide documentation justifying the collection of that data, by engaging in “overly broad” searches for information, and failing to destroy improperly collected data as required by law

Now put this into context with evidence that the members of the Trump transition team were surveilled and that data on Trump officials was incidentally collected by American intelligence agencies. Given the widespread violations of civil liberties protections detailed by these memos obtained by the Hill, is it not reasonable to ask to what extent were Trump officials subject to the same kind of abuses? What data was collected on Trump officials? Was it immediately deleted or was it shared within the intelligence community? If it was shared, with whom? Potential leakers?

An explosive report by The Hill’s John Solomon reveals that the National Security Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation violated the law during the Obama administration for years by improperly collecting intelligence on American citizens and then neglecting to immediately delete this intelligence, obtained by unauthorized spying.

The wide scope of the Obama administration’s civil liberties violations is detailed in several declassified memos obtained by The Hill via a Freedom of Information Act request from the American Civil Liberties Union. The NSA or FBI disclosed these violations to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court or the Justice Department’s national security division during President Obama’s term between 2009 and 2016, according to The Hill.

Put simply, there are several instances when the NSA mishandled the same sort of incidentally collected intelligence on American citizens as that collected on members of the Trump transition team during the 2016 election. And these civil liberties violations followed a 2011 rules change by President Obama that loosened restrictions on intelligence agencies, ostensibly to fight terrorism

The Hill reviewed the new ACLU documents as well as compliance memos released by the NSA inspector general and identified more than 90 incidents where violations specifically cited an impact on Americans. Many incidents involved multiple persons, multiple violations or extended periods of time.

There also were several instances in which Americans’ unmasked names were improperly shared inside the intelligence community without being redacted, a violation of the so-called minimization procedures that President Obama loosened in 2011 that are supposed to protect an Americans' identity from disclosure when they are intercepted without a warrant. Numerous times improperly unmasked information about Americans had to be recalled and purged after the fact, the memos stated. (Emphasis added)

6--Obama's vast intel dragnet

7--Steyn: Wasserman Schultz scandal is media's Russian dream

8-- The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of the American Secret Government

Exactly 70 years ago today, President Harry S. Truman signed the National Security Act, creating the Department of Defense, the National Security Council, the Joint Chiefs of Staff — and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Sixteen years later — just one month after the Kennedy assassination — Truman published a bombshell in The Washington Post: “I have never had any thought that when I set up the CIA that it would be injected into peacetime cloak-and-dagger operations… It has become an operational and at times a policy-making arm of Government… so removed from its intended role that it is being interpreted as a symbol of sinister and mysterious foreign intrigue.”
When it comes to behind-the-scenes intrigue, no one could out-sinister Allen Dulles, director of the CIA from 1953 to 1961. Dulles’s job, simply put, was to hijack the US government — for the benefit of the wealthy.

What he did, and how he did it, has never been more relevant, given the state of the nation in 2017. That’s why we are excerpting some revelatory chapters from David Talbot’s recent Dulles biography, “The Devil’s Chessboard.”
The focus here is on Dulles’s deeply troubling behavior around the time that John F. Kennedy was assassinated.
Although Kennedy had fired him in 1961, Dulles basically kept, de facto, running the CIA anyway. And, even more ominously, after Kennedy was killed in Dallas on Friday, November 22, 1963, Dulles moved into The Farm, a secret CIA facility in Virginia, where he remained for the weekend — during which time the “suspect,” Lee Harvey Oswald, was shot to death in a Dallas police station, and a vast machinery was set in motion to create the “lone gunman” myth that has dominated our history books to the present.

By no coincidence, that same machinery worked to bury evidence that Oswald himself had deep connections into US intelligence.
Throughout all this, one thing is clear: Dulles was no rogue operative. He was serving the interests of America’s corporate and war-making elites. And he went all out.
The “former” CIA director was so determined to control the JFK death-story spin, as Talbot chronicles below, that he even tried to strong-arm former president Truman, when the plain-spoken Missourian dropped hints that an out-of-control CIA might have been involved in Kennedy’s murder.

9--Freedom Rider: Democrats Smear Jill Stein

American provocations against Russia go back to the collapse of the Soviet Union and are responsible for the possibility of a hot war. It is important to say so and to act in solidarity with those who become targets when they act on their right to freedom of movement and speech.
The notion that Russia is a hostile power is a concoction of the corporate media and the war loving members of the duopoly. If they attempt to silence or smear Stein or anyone else they must be met with staunch opposition.

10--Did Russiagate begin as a Clinton campaign conspiracy? New forensic research suggests it

If the scenario outlined by VIPS is correct  – or if I have understood it correctly – then there is a far greater scandal behind the Russiagate scandal even than this, for in that case an attempt was made to swing the election through a fraud in which sections of the US’s intelligence and security services appear to have colluded.
That is a very disturbing possibility, and one which if true would mean that the political and constitutional system of the United States is in profound crisis

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