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1---Russian jets halt rebel advance on Syria base

2--Right-Wing Terrorism in Venezuela

3--Exposing the Guardian's Lies About Venezuela

4--Terror in Britain: What Did the Prime Minister Know?

5--Trump Dumps Pretension Of Altruism From U.S. Foreign Policy

The president embarked on his first foreign trip with a clear-eyed outlook that the world is not a “global community” but an arena where nations, nongovernmental actors and businesses engage and compete for advantage. We bring to this forum unmatched military, political, economic, cultural and moral strength. Rather than deny this elemental nature of international affairs, we embrace it.
Translation: "Power is with the strong. We feel strong. Screw you!"
At every stop in our journey, we delivered a clear message to our friends and partners: Where our interests align, we are open to working together to solve problems and explore opportunities. We let adversaries know that we will not only take their measure, deter conflict through strength, and defend our interests and values, but also look for areas of common interest that allow us to work together. In short, those societies that share our interests will find no friend more steadfast than the United States. Those that choose to challenge our interests will encounter the firmest resolve.

6--U.S. Wants Control Over Anbar And Beyond - Iraq and Syria Will Prevent It

7--Manuel Noriega and US militarism 

8--Satanists are responsible for chaos in the Middle East (Putin on Russian Orthodox Church)

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has recently taken a political chainsaw and started to cut warmongers who created chaos in the Middle East to pieces. He unapologetically declared:
“Libya was bombed and its government was violently overthrown. It was turned into a backyard for terrorists and criminals. The regime was changed with the help of those [militants], who came from Europe.

“They were free to leave their countries because everybody knew where they were going and what they were going to do there. And then they were welcomed back. Now, we just see the consequences of these irresponsible policies.”[...

“More than 6,700 soldiers have been killed so far in those two conflicts, and over fifty thousand have been wounded in action, about 22 percent with traumatic brain injuries.
“Furthermore, as always happens in war, many of the combatants are psychological casualties, as they return home with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or depression.
“The Department of Veterans Affairs reported in the fall of 2012 that more than 247,000 veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars have been diagnosed with PTSD. Many of those soldiers have served multiple combat tours.

“It is hardly surprising that the suicide rate in the U.S. military increased by 80 percent from 2002 to 2009, while the civilian rate increased only 15 percent. And in 2009, veterans of Iraq were twice as likely to be unemployed as the typical American.
 “On top of all that, returning war veterans are roughly four times more likely to face family-related problems like divorce, domestic violence and child abuse than those who stayed out of harm’s way.

“In 2011, the year the Iraq War ended, one out of every five active duty soldiers was on antidepressants, sedatives, or other prescription drugs.
“The incidence of spousal abuse spiked, as did the divorce rate among military couples. Debilitating combat stress reached epidemic proportions. So did brain injuries. Soldier suicides skyrocketed

9--Hillary explains US Korea policy

10-- Obama-Era Officials Subpoenaed By House Intel Committee In Trump "Unmasking" Probe

According to the WSJ, Republicans on the committee have been pushing for a thorough investigation of how the names of Trump campaign officials became exposed in classified intelligence reports based off intelligence community intercepts. Specifically, the three "unmaksing" subpoenas seek information on requests made by former national security adviser Susan Rice, former CIA Director John Brennan and former United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power for names to be unmasked in classified material

11--More felonies committed by the American Espionage Spies (leakers)

13--Obama intel agency secretly conducted illegal searches on Americans for years

14--Putin's Eurasian Union

15--Putin you tube

Putin---  we are not advocates for the assad government or for Assad himself. and we don't want to interfere in the internal schism of Islam itself--between Sunni and Shia. But we need to look at what has taken place in the Middle East. Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, Tunisia are all experiencing social unrest. Libya is undergoing inter-ethnic, inter-tribal war. The entire region has been engulfed in uncertainty and war.  And now Syria is headed down the same path, because some people from the outside (The US) think they can shape the region to fit their idea of "democracy". Without taking into consideration the history, the traditions, and  the religious particularities.

So they interfered in Libya and what's going on now?

A war for resources, an endless inter-tribal war.

When will it end?

Nobody knows.

And what worries us, is that if the same is done to Syria it will end up like Libya. Isn't it enough that we already have a lawless territory between Pakistan and in Afghanistan? This is close to our borders, we don't want another territory like that. .

We also want Syria to have a lasting peace, and for all Syrians to be protected by the law. So our position has always been that you should structure your laws to guarantee the safety of all your ethnic groups. And only when that is achieved, should the country implement any systemic changes. (The US) wants it the other way around. First, oust everyone, then plunge the country into chaos. ...

Where is the logic? How will this all end?


The Russian-trained "5th Corps" of the Syrian Army is leading the advance, and judging by the photographs we've been sent by our source in the field, Russian forces are involved as well—not just in the air, but on the ground as well.
A hundred thousand people have been encircled and besieged In Deir ez-Zor, first by rebels and then by ISIS, for over three years now.

one current officer made the point to me that “this is the kind of war for which the Spetsnaz have been training for thirty years” — he was referring to the Soviet experiences in Afghanistan, which very much set the tone for them. He continued, “if we wanted to fight the war [in Syria], we’d be using Spetsnaz.”

Iraqi Government Confirms Cooperation With Syria, Iran And Russia To Secure Syrian-Iraqi Border (Video)
secure the border with Syria  Maria Zakharova spills the beans: US run by gangsters and thugs

Zakharova recorded many of the Diplomatic meetings from October 2015 and, what she revealed, explains the anti Russian hate we've seen from western politicians and media since that time.

The Russian Diplomats were warned by the US Diplomats that if Russia went ahead and assisted Syria's Assad, Russia would 'be in a world of hurt and discover what real pain is.'
This was their direct warning.
The US clearly spelled out to the Russians that, whatever good work that they did in Syria or, any positive results they achieved in reality, would be manipulated by a professional media company to cancel out their real results and, turn them around to make it look like they are the real cause of the problem.
For instance, they were told, "Are you going to fight the Terrorists? You'll be made to look like the Terrorists! You'll be made to look like the aggressor!"

The Diplomatic threats were made at the highest levels of the Diplomatic Corps and not only once but, numerous times.

Zakharova seemed aghast that this is what constituted for diplomacy via the elite members of the most advanced Democracies in the world.
She claimed that serious questions about ISIS and Syria's future that were posed by the Russian Ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, were continually blocked in the UN Security Council by these same Diplomats.
Zakharova claims absolute collusion with the western media by these powerful people which, shows the level of control they wield over the western world media.
She said as the campaign in Syria progressed and, ISIS's advance was halted, the warnings turned into threats

Once the precision bombing of the Russian Air Force, as well as the number of sorties they could fly daily became apparent, their language became more aggressive

She said, "Now threats were being voiced, not just by fellow Diplomats but, by members of the State Department and the White House itself."
What had been said behind closed doors was now being stated publicly.
State Department Spokesman John Kirby said at this time, "Extremist groups will continue to exploit the vacuums that are there in Syria to expand their operations, which could include attacks against Russian interests, perhaps even Russian cities. Russia will continue to send troops home in body bags, and will continue to lose resources, perhaps even aircraft."
Zakharova viewed that statement as a direct threat by Kirby and suggested, that Kirby was possibly giving a direct order to the ISIS militants. She wrote on her Facebook page at the time,

"Is that a go get em command?"

She claimed that Kirby's statement insinuated that the US had direct control over the insurgents and that they were directing them....

She claimed that Obama's Administration was viewed by other world diplomats as a subject of disgust and say's that his administrations attitude of exclusivity, served to send one message to the rest of the world which was, "That the most powerful military force has unlimited rights to create evil in the world".

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