Sunday, March 5, 2017

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Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my "wires tapped" in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism! Donald Trump Twitter

1--The Politics Behind ‘Russia-gate’

Before this madness goes any further, doesn’t anyone think that the U.S. intelligence community should lay its cards on the table regarding exactly what the evidence is that Russian intelligence purloined Democratic emails and then slipped them to WikiLeaks for publication? President Obama’s intelligence officials apparently went to great lengths to spread these allegations around – even passing the secrets around overseas – but they never told the American people what the evidence is. The two official reports dealing with the issue were laughably short on anything approaching evidence. They amounted to “trust us.”

Further, WikiLeaks representatives have indicated that the two batches of emails – one from the Democratic National Committee and the other from Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta – did not come from the Russians but rather from two different American insiders. That could be wrong – it is possible that Russian intelligence laundered the material through some American cutouts or used some other method to conceal Moscow’s hand – but Obama’s intelligence officials apparently don’t know how WikiLeaks obtained the emails. So, the entire “scandal” may rest upon a foundation of sand....

Also, remember that no one thought that the DNC/Podesta emails were significant in deciding the 2016 election. Clinton herself blamed FBI Director James Comey for briefly reopening the FBI investigation into her private email server near the end of the campaign as the reason her poll numbers cratered. It’s relevant, too, that Clinton ran a horrific campaign, which included breathtaking gaffes like referring to many Trump supporters as “deplorables,” relying way too heavily on negative ads, failing to articulate a compelling vision for the future, and ignoring signs that her leads in Rust Belt states were disappearing. In other words, the current effort to portray the disclosure of Democratic emails as somehow decisive in the campaign is revisionist history....

What I also have learned over these years is that in Official Washington, power – much more than truth – determines which scandals are taken seriously and which ones are not. “Russia-gate” is revealing that the established power centers of Washington arrayed against Trump – the major news media, the neoconservatives and the Democratic Party – have more power than the disorganized Trump administration.

2--Hugo Still Rules--Hugo Chavez Still Venezuela’s Most Popular President, Says New Poll

The results of the poll, carried out between February 13 and 23, show that 79 percent of those consulted thought that Chavez was the country’s most well-liked president, while the former two-term president for Democratic Action, Carlos Andres Perez, trailed behind in a distant second place with 13 per cent.

3--The Next Market To Break *Should* Be Stocks

Notwithstanding the current move in equities that through Monday had matched a January 1987 record in the Dow of 12 consecutive record high closes, we have looked at 1987 from time to time over the past year not exactly through the prism of equities, but mostly long-term Treasuries – which coming through last spring looked vulnerable to a breakdown similar to the one that took hold in the spring of 1987.
One historical period that we have been following for possible insights is the market environment headed into the spring of 1987, where investors had pushed long-term Treasuries significantly higher over the previous two years on the back of a sluggish global economy and a collapse in oil prices. It wasn’t until the global economy stabilized and oil prices began moving higher that the Fed began to raise rates in April 1987. This shift, following several years of disinflationary market conditions that had greatly buttressed the trend in Treasuries – came to an abrupt end that spring. Headed into October, the price on the 30-year Treasury bond had fallen by over 20 percent.The Next Market To Break Might Not Be Stocks 5/12/16

4--archive--Tomgram: Alfred McCoy, Washington's Great Game and Why It's Failing

5--archive--Tomgram: Alfred McCoy, Maintaining American Supremacy in the Twenty-First Century

6--recent archive--Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence (The blockbuster that started the Russia witch hunt)

    7--Obama admin rushed to preserve Intel of Russian hacking, NYT                                                                                                                                     




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