Saturday, February 25, 2017

The American People; Smarter than you think

A new survey finds that a majority of the American people think Washington's foreign wars are making them "less safe".  Also a significant majority of people think their tax dollars should be spend on domestic issues. (like jobs, infrastructure and education, not wars.) Also, Americans believe that "national interests" should determine U.S. foreign policy... "not the interests of other nations".

And-- despite all the demonizing of Russia in the media-- only 12%  of the people surveyed thought Russia posed "the greatest security challenge currently facing the United States".

The Charles Koch Institute and the Center for the National Interest today released a poll of 1,000 Americans taken the last weekend of January demonstrating that Americans want Washington to show greater restraint when it comes to military spending and intervention in foreign matters. ..... This is the third foreign policy poll the Charles Koch Institute and the Center for the National Interest have conducted since October, and each survey has shown that Americans don’t think that U.S. foreign policy has served to make Americans and the world safer."

...“U.S. voters want their elected officials in Washington to prioritize American national interests. Moreover, respondents believe that any additional tax revenue should be focused on domestic priorities, especially reducing the debt and deficit. Americans simply don’t want more military spending. Congress should think twice about sending additional money to the Pentagon and focus on getting more bang for their taxpayers’ buck.”

Americans Still Believe Recent U.S. Foreign Policy Has Made Them Less Safe:
  • When asked if U.S. foreign policy over the last 15 years had made Americans more or less safe, a majority (51%) said less safe. Just 11% said more safe, while 27% said U.S. foreign policy had not affected their level of safety.
Americans Want Greater Foreign Policy Realism And For American Interests to Drive Foreign Policy Decision Making:
  • 69% of Americans believe that U.S. national interests should drive U.S. foreign policy; 30% strongly believe that U.S. national interests should always come first. Only 17% believe the interests of other nations should have greater weight than U.S. interests.
Americans Are Skeptical of More Military Spending:
  • When asked how the federal government should spend a hypothetical additional tax dollar, 79% expressed a desire to see it go toward a domestic priority. 42% percent said it should go toward debt and deficit reduction, and 37% said it should go toward domestic spending generally. Only 12% said it should go toward military spending, and 1% said foreign aid. An additional 8% did not know how that dollar should be spent.
Americans See Potential Even in Our Relationships With China, Russia:
  • When asked to identify the greatest security challenge currently facing the United States, 36% of respondents said ISIS, 12% said Russia, 12% said immigration, and 11% said the national debt. 7% said North Korea, 4% said China, 2% said Iran, and 1% said Syria. Another 15% said “other” or that they did not know.

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