Thursday, December 8, 2016

Today's Links

1--Market indicator hits extreme levels last seen before plunges in 1929, 2000 and 2008

"The cyclically adjusted P/E (CAPE), a valuation measure created by economist Robert Shiller now stands over 27 and has been exceeded only in the 1929 mania, the 2000 tech mania and the 2007 housing and stock bubble," Alan Newman wrote in his Stock Market Crosscurrents letter at the end of November.

Trump rally could continue for a while but stocks vastly overpriced

2--The Progressive Era

3--U.S. Stocks Post Biggest One-Day Rally Since Election

4--U.S. Economic Confidence Highest in Nine Years

5--Stocks in melt up mode

Street is melting —  up!

Market meltdowns get more attention, but the U.S. stock market is ripping higher and breaking records.

All four major U.S. stock indexes broke out to fresh record highs Thursday, a day after stocks posted their biggest gains since the presidential election.

The blue chip Dow Jones industrial average (which is up more than 1,400 points since Election Day and is up 12.6% this year), the large-company Standard & Poor's 500, the tech-stock packed Nasdaq and small-company Russell 2000 all closed at new highs Thursday, a rare event that happened back in November for the first time since 1999....

Call it a moonshot. Or Wall Street euphoria. Or a "Trump Rally," as investors are pricing in better earnings and economic growth, thanks to the president-elect's promises to cut corporate taxes, reduce business red tape and spend heavily on infrastructure.

Cash flooding back to stocks. "Tons of cash on the sidelines is coming off," says Gary Kaltbaum, president of Kaltbaum Capital Management.

Money that had been invested in bonds is also moving back to stocks in search of bigger returns, adds Ann Milletti, senior portfolio manager at Wells Capital Management. Cash exiting bond funds in the most recent five-week period hit a 3-1/2 year high, Bank of America says, while stock funds enjoyed their biggest four-week inflows in two years....

Trump Effect." The market is still driven by momentum inspired by Trump's business-friendly policies, says David Kelly, chief global strategist at J.P. Morgan Funds. Investors are pricing in better corporate earnings based on Trump's promise to lower the federal corporate tax rate to 15% or 20%, from 35%, he says.

5. A trend signal says "buy."

6--U.S. Stocks Climb, Extending Rally

Investors have been betting the Trump administration will usher in tax cuts and fiscal stimulus

7--Margin debt reveals some troubling clues: Yikes

8--Job Market Nearing Full “Recovery?” Here’s a Dose of Reality

9--Desperation?  Obama Waives Restrictions on Military Assistance to Foreign Forces in Syria

Obama waived prohibitions outlined in the US Arms Export Control Act, which forbids providing defense-related supplies or services to countries that are not cooperating fully with US anti-terrorism efforts


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