Friday, November 11, 2016

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1--Obama directs Pentagon to target al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria, one of the most formidable forces fighting Assad

To support the expanded push against al-Nusra, the White House pressed the Pentagon to deploy additional armed drones and intelligence-collection assets in the airspace over northwestern Syria, an area that had been sparsely covered by the United States until now because of its proximity to advanced Russian air-defense systems and aircraft...

So far, Russian air-defense systems and aircraft haven’t interfered with stepped-up U.S. operations against al-Nusra. Officials attributed Moscow’s acquiescence to the limited number of U.S. aircraft involved in the missions and to Russia’s interest in letting Washington combat one of the Assad regime’s most potent enemies within the insurgency. U.S. officials said they provided notifications to the Russians before the al-Nusra strikes to avoid misunderstandings....

Officials said the strikes on leadership targets were meant to send a message to more-moderate rebel units, including those backed by the CIA, to distance themselves from the al-Qaeda affiliate. At critical moments during the five-year-old civil war, moderate rebel units have fought alongside al-Nusra in ground operations against Assad’s forces. In fact, U.S. officials credit those rebel campaigns in the spring of 2015 with putting so much pressure on the Syrian government that Russia and Iran decided to double down militarily in support of Assad.

U.S. officials who opposed the decision to go after al-Nusra’s wider leadership warned that the United States would effectively be doing the Assad government's bidding by weakening a group on the front line of the counter-
Assad fight. The strikes, these officials warned, could backfire on the United States by bolstering the group’s standing, helping it attract more recruits and resources.
Officials who supported the shift said the Obama administration could no longer tolerate what one of them described as “a deal with the devil,” whereby the United States largely held its fire against al-Nusra because the group was popular with Syrians in rebel-controlled areas and furthered the U.S. goal of putting military pressure on Assad. Russia had accused the United States of sheltering al-Nusra, a charge repeated Thursday in Moscow by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

2--Boockvar: The bond bubble 'of epic proportions' will be a challenge for Trump's presidency

"The  July lows in global interest rates we may never see again in our lifetime," Boockvar said. "We have to deal with the consequences of that shift higher in interest rates because the Fed and other central banks have created an economic construct and an asset-priced construct based on very low interest rates, so there has to be an adjustment."

3--$1 trillion in bond losses in days

4--Record Numbers of Undocumented Immigrants Being Detained in U.S

5--U.S. consumer financial agency could be defanged under Trump

6--The Polls Missed Trump. We Asked Pollsters Why.

While the errors were nationwide, they were spread unevenly. The more whites without college degrees were in a state, the more Trump outperformed his FiveThirtyEight polls-only adjusted polling average,1r=0.76. suggesting the polls underestimated his support with that group. And the bigger the lead we forecast for Trump, the more he outperformed his polls.2r=0.86. In the average state won by Trump, the polls missed by an average of 7.4 percentage points (in either direction); in Clinton states, they missed by an average of 3.7 points. It’s typical for polls to miss in states that aren’t close, though. The most important concentration of polling errors was regional: Polls understated Trump’s margin by 4 points or more in a group of Midwestern states that he was expected to mostly lose but mostly won: Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

7--Trump Ascends to the Cherry Blossom Throne - Tyler

On the domestic front, you are already seeing the resurrection of the paid Soros mobs that exist to sow chaos and attempt to cause an overreaction by the authorities. Think of these as domestic “color revolutions” and funded Maidan Squares. Again, the Left doubles down on a failed policy. It refuses to realize that Trump ran on a law and order platform, and he knows what he owes the people who put him in power. You will see a series of short, sharp responses from an unchained law enforcement able to do its job. There will be the usual MSM propaganda showing the one bleeding baby and woman while claiming that you had a (white) police officer giving them the business with both hands on his nightstick. Rioters will inevitably be classified as “peaceful protesters” even as the vehicles are on fire around them. The MSM will further lose cachet. Some of you wonder why Trump wants to expand libel laws against the media – here is why. It is the nature of the Left, which is in permanent revolution, to overplay its hand. We are seeing it again.

8-- A Convenient Truth: 'Secret Hand of Moscow' Behind All US Elections
A Study of 'Witch Hunting' and Mass Hysteria in America,"

9--MPs propose urgent steps to restore Russia-US relations after Trump elected 

10--Enough already!

What is critical is that the lessons of the 2016 election be drawn and all attempts to keep opposition to war and austerity chained to the political corpse of the Democratic Party be rejected. The task is not to “take back” the Democratic Party or push it to the left—the inevitable result of that false perspective has already been demonstrated in the reactionary outcome of the Sanders campaign—but to break with both parties of big business and all forms of capitalist politics and build an independent socialist and internationalist movement of the working class. 

11-- Dow hits record high as Wall Street celebrates Trump victory 

In the two days following the election of Donald Trump as US president, Wall Street celebrated by driving the Dow Jones Industrial Average to a new record high. At the close of trading on Thursday, the Dow was up by an additional 218 points, or 1.2 percent. This brought it to 18,807, surpassing the previous high of 18,636 reached last August. The index has moved up by 5 percent this week.
The financial aristocracy is salivating over the prospect of major corporate and income tax cuts, increased military spending, and the scrapping of regulations, especially on banks and finance.

Trump has pledged to slash the corporate tax rate to 15 percent from 35 percent and cut income taxes for the ultra-wealthy to the tune of hundreds of thousands and, in some cases, millions of dollars  ...

Some of the biggest gains in this index were recorded by banks in anticipation of higher interest rates, which boost profits from loans, and the scrapping of regulations on finance.
Trump has pledged the repeal of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act, which, while doing little to curb the predatory and outright criminal activities that led to the crisis of 2008, includes some regulations that finance regards as restricting its profit-making.....

brief note on its web site, the Trump transition team said it would be “working to dismantle the Dodd-Frank Act and replace it with new policies to encourage economic growth and job-creation.” Hensarling described the statement as “music to my ears.”

Another clear sign that financial moguls are going to play a major role in the new administration is a report from the business news channel CNBC that Jamie Dimon, the chief executive of JPMorgan, is also being considered for treasury secretary, along with the present front-runner for the position, the Trump team’s campaign finance chief Steven Mnuchin.
Mnuchin started his career at Goldman Sachs, where he amassed a personal fortune of $40 million before branching out on his own. ...

His entire campaign was in the long tradition of American tricksters, con artists and snake oil salesmen. Tapping into the legitimate grievances of millions of workers and their hostility to the banks and corporations, the Democratic Party and the trade union apparatuses, he is organising an administration based on those same banks and corporations. 

12-- Expert proves jihadists bombarded Aleppo neighborhood with chemical weapons

13--Did Trump pop the bond bubble?

Donald Trump's surprise victory in Tuesday's Presidential elections has ignited an even more shocking reaction in global bond markets that could slow the pace of stock gains as investors nurse billions in losses and central banks slow the pace of money printing.
Government bond prices are falling around the world at the fastest pace in more than year Thursday, lifting benchmark yields to multi-month highs as investors prepare for what could be the biggest peacetime spending spree in U.S. history. President-Elect Trump's plans to reform corporate and personal taxes could, if pushed through a now-friendly Congress controlled by Republican lawmakers, provide a $9.5 trillion stimulus to the world's biggest economy over the next 10 years.

Bond investors reacted in typically nervous fashion, lifting yields on 10-year U.S. Treasury past 2.12%, the highest since January. Benchmark 10-year German bunds, long held down by the European Central Bank's massive €1.4 trillion ($1.5 trillion) quantitative easing programme, have gone from trading at a near-zero at the peak of the election chaos early Wednesday to 0.32% Thursday, the highest since March 

14--A populist uprising from the middle of where?

Hillary Clinton won the national popular vote, but fell behind in the Electoral College after Trump won by slim margins in Rust Belt states that have voted for Democratic presidents for decades. In Michigan, Trump leads by 12,000 votes or 0.3 percent. In Wisconsin, he leads by 21,000 votes or 1 percent. In Pennsylvania, he leads by 67,000 votes or 1.1 percent. These razor-thin margins show that votes for third-party candidates had an impact that could have created a different outcome. They were not predicted by the media's election day exit polls, raising integrity questions that bear some scrutiny....

A populist uprising from the middle of where? It’s simply shocking to look at the county-by-county map to see where the country’s political balance was thrown from Obama to Trump. It’s only several dozen counties in northeast Iowa, western Wisconsin, Michigan and northwest Illinois that dramatically flipped from voting for a Democratic presidential candidate in 2012 to a Republican in 2016—with swings of 20 percent or more. This fulfilled last February’s warning by Center for American Progress demographer Ruy Texiera, who told MSNBC that a Trump victory was possible if his “message boosts turnout and margins with working-class white voters high enough in the Rust Belt and upper Midwest… even while alienating black and Latino voters. You could see a situation where someone like Trump could carry Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin, maybe Pennsylvania… That starts to put a real dent in the Democratic coalition.”

15-- The GOPs down ballot sweep

Republicans flipped three state legislative chambers, including the Iowa senate and Kentucky house, which turned for the GOP for the first time in almost 100 years. Bluegrass State Republicans defeated the house speaker, who was first elected in 1980, and the GOP controls both legislative houses and the governorship. Watch for right-to-work legislation, pension reform and school choice...

The GOP also cleaned up in a few Democratic strongholds: Republicans gained four seats in the Illinois house, ending a Democratic supermajority...

Republicans now hold the governorship and both chambers in some 25 states. The number for Democrats? Four.
Republicans also picked up three governorships: Missouri, New Hampshire and Vermont. This brings the tally to 33 GOP governors. And that doesn’t include a likely recount in North Carolina, where controversial Pat McCrory, known for inflaming the transgender bathroom wars, is less than a point behind his Democratic challenger. Another surprise is that Republicans retained the Indiana governorship that seemed in jeopardy after Mike Pence joined the Trump ticket......

Here’s another reason the sweeps are significant: Congressional leaders Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell may work with Mr. Trump to pass legislation that devolves school funding to the states or block grants Medicaid. They’ll need allies in the states to carry out the project, and now they have more.
All of this is only part of the GOP’s success, which includes 31 lieutenant governors and 31 secretaries of state, even one in Oregon. Mr. Trump’s victory may have shocked the political system, but Tuesday’s results suggest that the troubles in the Democratic Party run deeper than a loss for Hillary Clinton

16--Putin documentary

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