Sunday, October 9, 2016

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1--Russia installs air defense in response to Washington threats Tit for tat

Russia has recently warned that its S-300 and S-400 air defense systems are up and running in Syria following leaked reports on the US' intentions to bomb Syrian airbases. As Russia’s Defense Ministry cautions the US-led coalition against carrying out airstrikes on the Syrian army, military experts reveal the defense capabilities of the systems.

"The S-300 appeared [in Syria] after experts close to the American establishment started leaking information…that the US could hit Syrian airfields with cruise missiles," Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said in an interview with Russia's Dozhd TV channel on Friday.

2--Safe passage for al Qaida out of Aleppo

Russia is ready to persuade the Syrian government to agree to the al-Nusra militants group fighters' armed departure from Aleppo as proposed by the UN special envoy, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Friday...

"I heard his statement concerning only Nusra. For God's sake, if al-Nusra leaves with weapons toward Idlib, where its main forces are based, we are ready to support this approach for the sake of Aleppo and will be ready to urge the Syrian government to agree," Lavrov said in an interview with Russia's Channel One

3--Moscow-Ankara improve relations

4--Obama rejects plan to attack Syrian assets

Following Russian warning of American aircraft being shot down, White House spokesman confirms plan for U.S. air strikes on Syria has been rejected....

White House spokesman Josh Earnest confirmed this speaking to reporters on Thursday 6th October 2016.

“The president has discussed in some details why military action against the Assad regime to try to address the situation in Aleppo is unlikely to accomplish the goals that many envisioned now in terms of reducing the violence there.  It is much more likely to lead to a bunch of unintended consequences that are clearly not in our national interest.”
The US will never admit that it was the Russian warning that deterred it from carrying out air and missile strikes, and it is still pretending that the option of military strikes is still on the table.  In Josh Earnest’s words

7--Jihadist rebels reject UN offer of safe pass from east Aleppo

8--Hillary secret tapes on no-fly zone in Syria, wikileaks

Hillary Clinton Said One Of The Problems With A No Fly Zone Would Be The Need To Take Out Syria’s Air Defense, And “You’re Going To Kill A Lot Of Syrians.” “So we’re not as good as we used to be, but we still—we can still deliver, and we should have in my view been trying to do that so we would have better insight. But the idea that we would have like a no fly zone—Syria, of course, did have when it started the fourth biggest Army in the world. It had very sophisticated air defense systems. They’re getting more sophisticated thanks to Russian imports. To have a no fly zone you have to take out all of the air defense, many of which are located in populated areas. So our missiles, even if they are standoff missiles so we’re not putting our pilots at risk—you’re going to kill a lot of Syrians. So all of a sudden this intervention that people talk about so glibly becomes an American and NATO involvement where you take a lot of civilians.” [ Speech to Goldman Sachs, 2013 IBD Ceo Annual Conference, 6/4/13]

9--Hillary Clinton's Wall St speeches published by WikiLeaks

10--Unemployment rate shows at 5% but more realistic rate is higher

11--World leaders vow to boost growth against backdrop of Brexit, anti-globalization

12--Fed Vice Chair Fischer Admits Fed is Waiting for Godot

Notes:  Old Microbiologist said in reply to different clue...  comments line 
Being particularly cynical, I have been convinced Trump is a "false" candidate and is part of an elaborate Machiavellian plan for HRC to basically run unopposed. I fully expect at least one and perhaps more, October surprises. HIs behavior at the debate and failure to pounce on the low hanging fruit bears that out. My (albeit cynical) bet is Trump withdraws the last week before the election. He has nothing to lose by doing that. He is another egomaniacal miscreant and lives by his own rules (something he shares with Washington plutocrats). Alternatively, we start a hot war with Russia (same thing happens if Trump withdraws). Increased rhetoric about election and hacking and basically a throw in either way. The upshot is HRC was chosen back in 2008 to step back and let BHO be President so as to not let the US economic catastrophe devolve into a race war. The only thing I can see against this concept is most people in Washington just aren't very smart, are particularly nasty, and incapable of any positive ethics. To pull this off requires a lot of smart yet nasty people playing nice together. We have no precedent for that.

I cannot believe these idiots actually think Russia will back down. I guess no one in ashington has read history. Being married to a Russian gives me a very close look into the Russian character (plus extended family and a vast array of Russian friends) and I can say they never ever back down nor do they apologize. They also never make empty threats and in fact only act as planned. They will negotiate to the end but will have things in motion for the Plan B and they always expect the worst. I think Murphy must have been a Russian because they operate with that in mind for everything. Every Russian I have met is disgusted with the American attitude of aggression and exceptionalism having never fought a war on home soil. Those memories are still fresh in Russian minds. Of course it goes far beyond that but basically we are toast if we think we can beat them.

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