Sunday, July 24, 2016

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1--Angry Dems rail against Hillary and the rigged system

Further animating the protest was the release by WikiLeaks of hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee showing party efforts to undermine Mr. Sanders’s candidacy, reinforcing a widespread view among marchers that party leaders had stacked the deck against him.
“It’s not just young people who are furious. There are people who have been Democrats for decades and are completely angry,” said Kimberly Cooper, 59, of Florida. “Now with the WikiLeaks thing, I am finished supporting her.”...

Numerous marchers said they would support Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate. They rejected the argument that not voting for Mrs. Clinton would help Mr. Trump...


Pasu Tivorat, of Sacramento, who wore a Guy Fawkes mask, an anarchist’s symbol, said Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton were equally bad choices. “If we nominate Hillary, then she can continue to abuse her base,” he said. “Every progressive idea we come up with they throw under the bus.”

“I’d rather watch the D.N.C. burn,” he added.

2--Wall street Journal tries to convince readers Hillary is liberal. Got that?

When Hillary Clinton accepts the Democratic nomination on Thursday, she will take command of a party that has little in common with the one she and her husband rode to the White House a quarter-century ago.
The party she will inherit is less white and more liberal. It is better educated and not as willing to compromise with Republicans. Many Democrats today aren’t convinced capitalism is the best economic model or that socialism is taboo.
Nor is the party entirely sold on its new leader. A Wall Street Journal-NBC News poll this month showed 45% of registered Democrats and those who lean in that direction would have preferred a nominee not named Hillary Clinton....

Take capitalism. An Iowa poll early this year showed more than four-in-10 likely Democratic caucus-goers in a state with an outsize influence on the nomination battle described themselves as socialist...

“The party has moved steadily left because of the surge of liberal populism, and that has caused the party to be in complete free fall at the subpresidential level,” said Jonathan Cowan, president of the centrist Democratic think tank, Third Way....

She has signaled she isn’t about to govern in accordance with her party’s liberal faction. In naming a running mate, she passed over both Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts for the more moderate Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia.
Speaking to Charlie Rose of CBS News CBS.A 0.79 % recently, she said: “We are the center-left party.”

Yet, pressed by Mr. Sanders during the presidential primaries, Mrs. Clinton reversed course and came out against a 12-nation Pacific trade deal she promoted back when she was secretary of state. Hoping to win over his young supporters, she recently rolled out new plans to wipe out public-college tuition for millions of families.
She has inched closer to her primary rival’s call for raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. Her allies on the platform committee in Orlando went so far as to include the $15 wage in the document.

3--PBS pushes idea that Hillary is moving to the left  (pure fiction)

Despite the familial link, the Democratic Party that will nominate the second Clinton is sharply different in makeup and philosophy from the one that nominated the first.
Bill Clinton’s campaign was based on the idea that voters did not trust the Democrats with their safety or their money. He promised a different agenda — middle class tax relief, ending welfare as we knew it, tougher on crime, pro-death penalty.

Bill Galston was a key architect of that agenda.

BILL GALSTON: The move towards fiscal restraint and a balanced budget, which yielded four years of surpluses. A focus on education reform, not just education investment. Welfare reform. The trade agenda, which included not just NAFTA, but also the WTO.

JEFF GREENFIELD: The Democrats in Philadelphia are striking sharply different notes.
The platform calls for: ending mass incarceration, abolishing the death penalty, free college tuition for millions, cracking down on big banks, a public option for healthcare, and the right to an abortion without restrictions.
Instead of Bill Clinton’s “wall of blue,” mothers whose sons and daughters were killed by police will speak here....

TERRY TUCKER: The Democratic Party was always a party of the people. It’s become so much like the other party in many respects — the way you chase the big money, the way the establishment, the elite, choose which candidates are going to be put forward. We lost our roots, and we need to get back there.

4--Democrats are galloping to the left. ...Bloomberg (more drivel)

David Weigel made the point in a Washington Post report on their new party platform: “The Democratic Party shifted further to the left in one election than perhaps since 1972, embracing once-unthinkable stances on carbon pricing, police reform, abortion rights, the minimum wage and the war on drugs.” He could have added Social Security and immigration to his list..

The Democrats are a more uniformly progressive party now. There are fewer conservative Democrats among the party’s elected officials and activists to counsel restraint, and fewer conservative Democratic voters to worry about alienating. The platform reflects these developments. (nonsense)

5--Move left in bogus Dem platform (Note: The platform just outlines the key "ideas and beliefs" of the party — it doesn’t bind any of its members to particular actions )

Here are some of the prior changes, sought by Sanders’s allies, approved of by the DNC’s committee:
  • Federal reserve reform: The new platform says the party will fight against allowing bank executives to sit on Federal Reserve boards.
  • Closing the revolving door: The party will also move to "ban golden parachutes for those taking government jobs" and seek to bar bank regulators from taking any action related to their former employers, according to the draft of the platform.
  • Wall Street reform: The party would also seek to crack down on Wall Street by severing banks’ ability to choose the credit agency that rates their products.
  • Postal Service banking services: "Democrats believe that we need to give Americans affordable banking options, including by empowering the United States Postal Service to facilitate the delivery of basic banking services," the draft of the platform states. (Vox’s Matt Yglesias explains that idea here.)
  • Loopholes for estates and hedge funds: The draft also has strong, Sanders-like language on the need to "immediately close egregious loopholes like those enjoyed by hedge fund managers, restore fair taxation on multimillion dollar estates, and ensure millionaires can no longer pay a lower rate than their secretaries."
  • Use closing loopholes to create jobs: The Post's Greg Sargent also notes that Sanders's aides cheered the commitment to put the revenue from closing loopholes toward rebuilding infrastructure and creating jobs.
  • Death penalty: The party’s platform also has new language calling for the eradication of the death penalty. "We will abolish the death penalty, which has proven to be a cruel and unusual form of punishment," the platform states. "It has no place in the United States of America." That's a win for Sanders, who had called for absolutist opposition to the death penalty. (Clinton has backed its use in limited circumstances.)
  • Earned income tax credit: The 2016 platform’s draft language will call on a specific expansion of the EITC to "low wage workers who don’t have children and to workers age 21 and older," according a news release from the party. (The 2012 platform only praised President Obama for expanding the EITC in general, according to Weigel.)

6--Kerry, Lavrov To Meet On Reviving Syrian Cease-Fire, Peace Talks

7--Why the Arabs don’t want us in Syria , RFK

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