Thursday, June 2, 2016

Today's Links

1--Brazil Revolts as Temer Forces Austerity, US Dependency After Coup Exposed

In the two weeks that Temer’s transition government has held power, it has moved to unravel the country’s social welfare state, eliminating the minister of culture, and has moved to replace regional commitments and the BRICS alliance with renewed deregulated system of trade with the United States. Temer, to many Brazilians is systematically reversing 13 years of policies advanced by the Workers Party...

Moraes took a stronger line, comparing the present situation to the US-backed 1964 Brazilian military coup, noting similar involvement in the proceedings by the US ambassador. "Now we have Liliana Ayalde, the current ambassador to Brazil and the former ambassador to Paraguay in 2008 to 2011, when there was a coup there, who is writing op-ed in the right-wing newspaper O Globo about how Brazil is an essential market for American corporations, a must-play for US business."
She said that America aims to undermine the multilateral associations established by Brazil’s Workers Party with South American countries, and also looks to fracture the BRICS economic alliance for challenging the domination of the World Bank and the IMF. "Yes, there is some involvement by the US," stated Ayalde

2--Gross: Capitalism doesn't work at 0 percent

Ultimately, they have to move back up and I think a certain number of Fed governors realize that the normalization process is necessary in order to save business models and to save capitalism basically because capitalism doesn't work at 0 percent and it doesn't work at negative interest rates," he said.
Gross added that investors should "basically go the other way" by holding liquid cash. He said they should not buy corporate bonds and resist buying high-yield bonds or riskier stocks.

3--U.S. Election Thread 2016-03 - Yves Smith On "Not Hillary!"

4--China Spends $1 Trillion on ‘New Silk Road’ to Surpass US on World Stage

The centerpiece of the project is the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), a corollary to the US-backed World Bank, that provides China an outlet to influence regional policy while granting European investors opportunities for investment.
its first years, over $200 billion of infrastructure projects have been planned for construction and another $1 trillion in projects are on the horizon, dwarfing US foreign investment by several orders of magnitude.
A proliferation of economic prosperity to purchase political goodwill is not novel, as many compare the Chinese effort to the post-World War II Marshall Plan, an enormous investment effort into Europe ostensibly to prevent the continent from becoming communist and becoming a satellite region in the Soviet Union’s sphere of influence.

5--UN blacklists Saudi coalition over killing Yemeni children

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has added the Saudi military coalition in Yemen to an annual blacklist of states and armed groups that openly flout the rights of children.
Ban said in a report released on Thursday that the coalition was responsible for 60 percent of child casualties in Yemen last year, when it killed 510 children and injured 667 others.
The report further noted that the Saudi military contingent carried out half of its aerial attacks against schools and medical facilities.

“Grave violations against children increased dramatically as a result of the escalating conflict,” Ban stated.
Meanwhile,the UN humanitarian chief in Yemen, Jamie McGoldrick, said Saudi Arabia’s military aggression against Yemen has left hospitals, schools, and other essential services almost completely broken.
McGoldrick called Yemen's war "an invisible crisis", voicing regret at the lack of international attention given to the country compared to the foreign-sponsored militancy in Syria.
“The scale of the emergency is tremendous. The scale of the need is massive and the depth of the crisis is immeasurable,” he said on Thursday.

6--It's Official!

Co-author with Michael Ruby of the book The Reluctant Spy: My Secret Life in the CIA’s War on Terror, published in 2009, John Kiriakou was honored with the January 2016 Patriot Award by The Bill of Rights Defense Committee and Defending Dissent Foundation stating:
“The Committee acknowledged Kiriakou for his three statements that would change both US national discourse and his life forevever: The CIA tortured prisoners, torture was the official policy of the United States, and President George W. Bush approved and signed off on the use of torture.”...

“The cost has been high, but I would do it all over again”, John Kiriakou states in the following lines, pointing out, too, what has changed during the Obama regime on torture techniques: absolutely nothing.

7--Irish rebellion redux?

After $30 billion in new taxes and slashes to public spending amounting to over 15 percent of GDP, forty percent of Irish children live in poverty, one in ten people is at risk of hunger, and for each person taking up a job two people of working age have emigrated (according to the government's own statistics). Voters are fed up, and the southern state's two major political parties took a drubbing in the last elections, leaving Sinn Fein, the Rising-era party of national independence the largest opposition party in the Dublin government.

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