Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Today's Links

1--Shots Fired: "OPEC Has Practically Stopped Existing" - Rosneft CEO Mocks Defunct Oil Cartel

Russia is moving full steam ahead with its plan to kill the petro-dollar, and is burying OPEC's influence along with it. 

2--Gap Between CEOs + Workers Much Bigger Than You Realize

Source: Washington Post

3--The U.S. Federal Reserve’s risky new mandate

4--Moody’s raises worries over China loans as Communist party paper calls debt load 'original sin'

Hong Kong brokerage CLSA said last week that the ratio of non-performing bank loans to outstanding credit is 15 to 19 percent--much higher than the official 1.6 percent.

The source in People's Daily added China's economic growth has been stable and "within expectations," but warned of problems such as a real estate bubble, industrial overcapacity, an increase in non-performing loans, local government debt and risks in the financial market.

5--Who’s who in the Flint water crisis: Part two

6--Who’s who in the Flint water crisis: Part one

7--Charles Lister Asks "Moderate Rebels" To Hide Their Cooperation With Al-Qaeda

8--Employment report, consumer credit

The chart shows the year over year and ongoing deceleration that in general began when oil capex collapsed.

Nor will there be a reversal until after deficit spending increases- public or private- and I see no evidence of that happening

9--Negative Interest Rates: A Tax in Sheep’s Clothing

10---Mtg purchase apps, ADP, Trade, Factory orders

Same story, depressed and growing too slowly to matter:

11--Central banks buying up gold to diversify away from US dollar

12--International Military Review – Syria & Iraq, May 11, 2016

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