Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Today's Links

1--First-Quarter GDP Hopes Plunge

2--Credibility Watch - Janet Yellen Crushes Recent Hawkishness, Unleashes Fresh Bout Of Soothing Dovishness

3--Forget dovish Fed, this is what stocks need

U.S. equities will need strong earnings results to continue their remarkable comeback since hitting their 2016 lows last month, Prudential Financial's Quincy Krosby said Tuesday.

"Whether or not you think Janet Yellen is going to be accommodative, … the fact is we're moving closer to where we need growth. We need fundamentals, we need revenue growth to pick up," the firm's market strategist told CNBC's "Squawk Box."

4--Yellen pushes back at the hawks, stocks higher

5--Too much of a good thing

6--The outlook for the consumer has buckled, at least a bit following a surprisingly weak personal income and spending report for February. Income rose a soft 0.2 percent with wages & salaries slipping 0.1 percent. But the worst news comes from the spending part of the report, up only 0.1 percent and with January revised sharply lower, now also at 0.1 percent vs an initial jump of 0.5 percent.

7--Raising America’s Pay: Why It’s Our Central Economic Policy Challenge

8--Stocks Breaking Down, Corporate Profits Imploding, and the US in Recession

9--Australia’s Capex Collapse is Part of a Global Disease

10--Extra links



html http://www.forbes.com/sites/brucemccain/2016/03/25/the-economys-role-in-the-rise-of-donald-trump-and-bernie-sanders/2/#55b2dbbf7669

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