Monday, February 1, 2016

Today's links

1---Americans are about to get poorer in 2016 as the wealth effect reverses: 63 percent of Americans have no emergency savings

2---The $29 Trillion Corporate Debt Hangover That Could Spark a Recession, Bloomberg

3---The U.S. is not in a recession, econbrowser

4---The trouble with Nordstream, sputnik

5---The earnings recession, wolf street

6---Biggest wealth transfer in history?

7---Economy at a glance, south front

8---No floor under oil prices just yet

9---How free trade targets workers, Dean Baker

10---Most godless city in America?

11---Will Turkey invade Syria?

12--Bill Black: Will the bankers ever pay for their crimes?

13--US consumer is the last defense against strong dollar drag on the economy , sober look

14--Negative rate fears, CNBC video

15--Two-party system in crisis? WSWS


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  2. Great amalgam of important and pertinent info, Mike.

    You are among the most intelligent journalists in our era, and you are developing as a very lucid and compelling analyst.

    I especially appreciate you venture into the economic sphere-/and your capacity to tie this dismal science into the political unfolding. Very compelling.

    It would be incredible if you can develop a podcast presentation.