Monday, January 25, 2016

Today's links

1--This is Why Junk Bonds Will Sink Stocks: Moody’s, Wolf St

2--Rumble in the ruble, fire in the markets, RT

3--Jim Bianco: "The Markets Are Telling Us There's A Severe Issue Out There, ZH

4--The Contempt That Poisoned Flint’s Water, New Yorker

5--St. Louis Fed official: No evidence QE boosted economy

6--NYSE Margin Debt Rose Fractionally in November

7--Going Rogue: America's Unconventional Warfare in the Mideast

8--Global slowdown to deepen attacks on jobs, WSWS

9--The Only Mystery Is Why Everyone Persists In Talking About A Recovery", ZH

10--US to occupy NE Syria

As SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence predicted month ago the NATO allies are urgently trying to implement a new plan to hold control at least of the northern oil corridor from Iraq and try to take advantage of this opportunity to involve Russia in a long expensive war. This plan includes an occupation of the crucial infrastructure including oilfields by the NATO contingent and establishing of anti-government, meaning anti-Russian and anti-Iranian, forces in parts of divided Syria.

Implementing of this plan could easily lead to a global war launched by military escalation over the Syrian crisis. The stakes of the global geopolitical standoff have been raised again.

11-- The Secret Behind the Next Global Crash, sputnik

12--On eve of Syria “peace talks,” Washington threatens escalation across region, WSWS

13--Can US Break with Jihadist Allies?

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