Friday, November 6, 2015

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1---US-Backed Jihadists' Global Orgy of Destruction
With US and Saudi-backed terrorists running rampant, Russia, China, and even India can no longer afford to simply stand by

Given Saudi/Qatari/Turkey-backed ‘Syrian rebels’ are not even Syrian, with German intelligence BND estimating 95% of the fighters are paid foreign mercenaries, it seems the Obama administration has also joined as a mercenary force to further Doha/Ankara/Riyadh’s regional agenda.[8]

So obsessed are Riyadh and Ankara to supplant Syria’s secular autocracy with an extremist Islamic theocracy under their control, that in 2013 the Kingdom sent more than 1,200 death row inmates ranging from Yemen, Sudan, Jordan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia to wage Syrian jihad.[9]

Recent reports from two CHP deputies in the Turkish parliament corroborate previous testimonies that the notorious sarin gas attack at Ghouta was a false flag orchestrated by Turkish intelligence, willing to commit the war crime of sacrificing 1,300 innocent civilians to goad US into the Syrian war to topple Assad.[10]

Chellaney further chastised the anti-Assad coalition’s naïveté in trying to distinguish between ‘moderate’ and ‘radical’ jihadists, and that “the term ‘moderate jihadists’ is an oxymoron: those waging jihad by gun can never be moderate.”[11]

Indeed these “good” terrorists-cum-foreigner infested/counterfeit “Syrian rebels” have displayed the same level of barbarity as IS and are cut from the same jihadi cloth. Most disgusting was the video in 2013 of a rebel commander performing cannibalism and eating the organ of a dead Syrian soldier. Alas, it is twisted irony that the Obama administration wants to impose gun control in the US and take guns away from American citizens, yet arm these cannibalistic barbarians in Syria.....

US strategic partner India likewise shares suspicions of Washington’s support for Wahhabi allies. Chellaney for one sees US support for Wahhabi extremists contributed to India’s terrorism problem, given “large portions of the CIA’s multi-billion-dollar military aid for the Afghan rebels in the 1980s were siphoned off by the conduit, Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISIS), to trigger insurgencies in India’s Kashmir and Punjab…yet paradoxically, the US had used counterterrorism as a key instrument to build a strategic partnership with India.” [17]

2--US in Syria: Stopping the “Arsonist-Firefighter”, “Openly Arming, Funding and Training Terrorists”
3--Turkey’s project in the Gulf is no more

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