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In an interview with Associated Press and Russia's state Channel 1 television, Putin said it was too early to talk about what Russia would do if the US attacked Syria but added: "We have our ideas about what we will do and how we will do it in case the situation develops toward the use of force or otherwise. We have our plans." Guardian

1---Le Pen compares migrant influx to barbarian invasion of Rome
2--Engineered Refugee Crisis to Justify "Safe Havens" in Syria

3--Obama also ordered “an eightfold increase in drone strikes, special forces operations in at least 134 countries, twice as many as under [US President George] Bush, and a massive increase in the special forces night raids or manhunts that were launched in Iraq” and Afghanistan,” he added.

4--Hayman Capital's Bass: China's real problem is its banking sectorThe hedge fund manager said that Chinese bank assets rose about 400 percent since 2007, and are now about $31 trillion against an economy with a gross domestic product of $10 trillion.
"When you run a bank expansion that aggressively, that quickly, you're going to have some losses,"

5--UK parliament to vote on air raids against Daesh in Syria’

6--Surging dollar crisis otterwood

7--In the history of our markets, we have never seen stock and bond prices drop together during a market selloff until a few weeks ago.
The relationship initially held when stocks fell but immediately after the market drop the 2-year yield jumped back to new highs. The cushion from yields was only momentary. I do not take this as a positive development for the markets.


Some commentators have pointed out that yields are increasing due to expectations the Fed’s will hike interest rates but this isn’t correct. In fact the federal funds futures market, which is used to estimate the probability of a Fed rate hike from current market prices, is only showing a 28% chance of liftoff next week.
Treasury yields are currently increasing for the wrong reasons; mainly large investors don’t want the bonds anymore and are selling. A couple of large holders come to mind, mainly China, and technical selling from black boxes like risk parity funds. As I’ve covered on our blog, which you can read here, China has been selling Treasuries to stabilize its currency. They have been selling their vast Treasury holdings since last year,

8--How to Help Refugees get home...Syrian Girlwant to help the refugees? Stop the wars

Stop Turkey, Qatar, Saudi from funding Isis-al Qaida terrorists
Stop US political support for al Qaida linked rebels
stop your governments from airstriking Syria

End sanctions
Rebuild Syria
Donate to Syrian Red Cresent or WafaRelief Fund

9--Debates over increased, direct military intervention in Syria are now almost entirely predicated not on supporting “freedom fighters,” stopping “WMDs,” or fighting “ISIS,” but instead on how military intervention can help solve the “refugee crisis.”...

10--"It was not us who destroyed government institutions there creating the power vacuum, which is immediately filled by terrorists," Putin concluded.  http://www.rt.com/news/315374-isis-danger-spread-putin/
11--Russia sending tanks to Syria: Pentagon

Simple common sense, responsibility for global and regional safety require uniting efforts of the international community [to fight] such a threat. It is necessary to set aside geopolitical ambitions, drop so-called double standards, the policy of direct or indirect use of separate terrorist groups for achieving own goals, including removing the governments and regimes." 

Russia is supporting the Syrian government in its fight against terrorism and will continue its support, Putin said.
"We give technical-military support to Damascus and will continue doing it," he said. "And we call on other countries to join us in this."

Both Bashar Assad’s government and the opposition forces should unite to battle the jihadists, Putin stressed.

"Now we have to unite the efforts of the Syrian government and the Kurdish self-defense forces and the so-called moderate opposition, and other countries in the [Middle East] region to fight the threat to Syria’s statehood and terrorism."

"It was not us who destroyed government institutions there creating the power vacuum, which is immediately filled by terrorists," he concluded.
White House Press Secretary Joshua Earnest channeled President Obama’s famous chant that “Assad must go” when he claimed during a regular press briefing that:
“The international community has decided that it’s time for Assad to go.  He clearly has lost legitimacy to lead.  He has lost the confidence of those citizens of his country — at least the ones that — or I guess I should say particularly the ones that he is using the resources of the military to attack.”

 "Extremists from many countries of the world, including, unfortunately, European countries, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) undertake ideological and military training in the ranks of Islamic State,” Putin warned in Tajikistan. “And certainly we are worried that they could possibly return.”

The curious attitude of Western media

Meanwhile, a hysterical corporate media in the US and Britain has spent the past two weeks spreading baseless propaganda about an imminent Russian intervention in Syria. Notably, all of the reports are based on comments from either anonymous sources or US or Israeli government employees. Not one single independent witness or authority has been able to prove that Russian forces are increasing their presence in the war-torn country...

Neocons going wild

The latest Washington plan is surreal - give more weapons to members of Al-Qaeda. A fortnight ago, Daily Beast reported that former CIA director David Petraeus is now advocating arming members of the Al-Nusra Front in Syria, an offshoot of Al-Qaeda and a designated terrorist organization.
Despite leaking classified secrets, Petraeus is still somehow entrenched in US power circles. Could there be a more dangerous and crazy idea? The fact the notion was even circulated proves that Washington has no coherent plan

Europe is "not dealing with the cause" of the current refugee crisis, Syrian President Bashar Assad said in an interview with Russian media, RT among them, adding that all Syrian people want is "security and safety." 
It’s not about that Europe didn’t accept them or embrace them as refugees, it’s about not dealing with the cause. If you are worried about them, stop supporting terrorists. That’s what we think regarding the crisis. This is the core of the whole issue of refugees.
"If we ask any Syrian today about what they want, the first thing they would say - 'We want security and safety for every person and every family'," the Syrian president said, adding that political forces, whether inside or outside the government “should unite around what the Syrian people want."...

""I would like to take this opportunity to call on all forces to unite against terrorism, because it is the way to achieve the political objectives which we, as Syrians, want through dialogue and political action," Bashar Assad said.

 Europe's refugee crisis has refocused attention on the horrors of the war in Syria and should rekindle diplomatic efforts to end it. But any such attempt needs to reckon with a stark reality: The partition of Syria is already happening.
This is an outcome no side would have chosen when pro-democracy protesters took to Syria's streets in 2011. But at this point, the countries involved should use Syria's partition as a basis to reconcile their competing interests and break the international deadlock that feeds the war.

Brookings  Institute titled “Deconstructing Syria: A new strategy for America’s most hopeless war”. Here’s an excerpt:
“…the only realistic path forward may be a plan that in effect deconstructs Syria….the international community should work to create pockets with more viable security and governance within Syria over time… The idea would be to help moderate elements establish reliable safe zones within Syria once they were able.
Creation of these sanctuaries would produce autonomous zones that would never again have to face the prospect of rule by either Assad or ISIL….
The interim goal might be a confederal Syria, with several highly autonomous zones… The confederation would likely require support from an international peacekeeping force….to make these zones defensible and governable, to help provide relief for populations within them, and to train and equip more recruits so that the zones could be stabilized and then gradually expanded.”
(“Deconstructing Syria: A new strategy for America’s most hopeless war“, Michael E. O’Hanlon, Brookings Institute)

Here's a clip from an article at the World Socialist Web Site:

Politicians and the media in both the US and Western Europe have cynically seized upon the plight of refugees fleeing violence in Syria as the pretext for intensifying the war for regime change in that country.

French President Francois Hollande and British Prime Minister David Cameron, both of whom are feverishly working to keep all but a handful of refugees out of their respective countries, have announced bombing campaigns in Syria based on the apparent logic that the more high explosives are dropped over their heads, the more likely Syrians will decide to stay home.

Washington, meanwhile, has initiated a provocative confrontation with Russia over the latter’s longstanding military aid to the government of President Bashar al-Assad, with increasingly hysterical warnings of a Russian “buildup” in Syria.

These recent developments only underscore the ephemeral character of the pretexts used by the Western imperialist powers for their bloody intervention in Syria. First, it was defending “human rights” against the Assad regime, then a struggle against the terrorism of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Now it is a question of refugees and Russian “interference.”

President Obama’s Deputy Special Envoy to the Global Anti-ISIL Coalition, Brett McGurk, told journalists from Turkey's Hurriyet Daily News,

 I think everybody recognizes that there’s no stable future in Syria with Bashar al-Assad as the head of the regime in Damascus. So therefore the only way to end this terrible conflict is with a political transition that leads to the ouster of Bashar al-Assad."
("We really can’t succeed against ISIL without Turkey: US", Hurriyet Daily)

 a recent phone call, US Secretary of State John Kerry told his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov that Washington is worried over reports of "an imminent enhanced Russian military buildup" in Syria.
According to Russian news agencies, Lavrov has recently said that the cargoes “were military supplies” and that Moscow “will continue” to send those supplies to Syria.
“They are inevitably accompanied by Russian specialists, who help to adjust the equipment, to train Syrian personnel how to use this weaponry,” the top diplomat said.
Moscow and Washington have had major differences over the crisis in Syria. While the Kremlin lends support to Damascus in its fight against Daesh (ISIL), the White House seeks a “political transition” without President Assad in the picture.

As the US and Britain plan to turn their Crusade into a long war ‘against terror’, there will be more and more refugees, until, eventually, the fragile social fabric of Europe will crumble and collapse. Europe will be overrun, as was Roman Empire in its day, and it will face a stark choice: establish a system of apartheid and discrimination, or lose its identity.

Will Europe be an incidental victim of American fury, like an innocent bystander in a Western shoot-out? It appears to me that Europe is one of the real targets of the forthcoming offensive.... The new ruling elites of the US and their partners and agents overseas have put the destruction of prosperous, independent and cohesive Europe on their wish list. This desire has a practical short-term reason: Europe is a competitor to America, it is too independent, it has established its own monetary unit that can displace the dollar. Europe supports a more evenly-balanced policy in Palestine.


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