Monday, August 3, 2015

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1--All eyes on Brent crude and Apple after sluggish session
2--Lavrov Reiterates Rejection of US Air Attacks in Syria

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov denounced today the US violation of international law by launching air attacks in Syria under the pretext of protecting the moderate opposition from terrorist groups. The latest activities of the international coalition created by Washington to fight the extremist Islamic State are counterproductive, commented Lavrov in a Moscow teve-broadcast conference at the end of meetings with the Qatari leadership.

Some opposition groups trained in the past by US instructors later joined extremist groups against the Syrian government, he recalled.

But we consider negative to place under the coalition's air force defense a part of rebels in Syria because it will give freedom to US air force to destroy anything in its way, commented Lavrov.

We discussed the Syrian issue with US State Secretary John Kerry in a three-party meeting in Doha, he explained. When in 2014 the Whote House formed the coalition against the IS, it had Iraq's permission to act, but not Syria's, where it launched air raids in violation of international law, noted Lavrov.

Cooperation with ther Syrian army and with Kurd rebels is also needed to fight terrorism, said Lavrov, who acknowledged differences in this regard existing between Moscow and Washington.

3--The real message of plunging commodities

4--Deflation Is Winning – Beware!
Expect the ride to get even rougher         

5--Commodities Are Screaming Trouble But the Fed Isn’t Listening

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