Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Today's Links

1--The Anglo-American empire is preparing for resource war -Nafeez Ahmed

2--Japan joins US-Australian rehearsal for conflict with China

3--China’s share plunge casts lengthening shadow over global markets
4--AIIB and BRICS bank not rivals but complimentary – economy minister

5---Ufa ready to host BRICS and SCO summits - republic's head to RT

Khamitov says the BRICS and SCO summits will be a favorable environment for making new business deals and strengthening economic ties across the region. The republic of Bashkortostan represents certain interests among foreign entrepreneurs and attracts investment, Khamitov added.

"At present foreign investors participate in several big projects. These are investors from Austria, Germany and China," he said. "Chinese investors are involved in the construction of an iron and steel plant and of a heavy oilfield equipment manufacturing plant. This is very good. I’m hoping the amount of foreign investment will increase. Today this amount is relatively small – no more than 5-7%, but we are hoping to reach the level of 10-15%."

6---Sino-Russian Alliance Acquires New Meaning in Face of New Global Conflict

7---The United States should hurry up, since China has begun to develop "an alternative set of global institutions," threatening the Washington-backed Bretton-Woods system, according to the author.

Furthermore, the expert insisted that "China and Hong Kong would lose out $47.5 billion [by 2025] from being excluded from the [TPP] agreement, since it would divert trade flows away from them and toward TPP countries," while Washington will enjoy "a net $77.5 billion increase" in income.
The expert criticized those who hesitate to grasp such an opportunity, stressing that it is "shocking" that the deal "almost met its end" in the US Congress

8---BRICS bank, Greece & Ukraine headline BRICS/SCO summits – presidential aide

9---Ufa - The Summit That Is Re-Making the World
The coming summit underlines the gap that is emerging between East and West; whilst the West squabbles over Greece, in the Russian city of Ufa a new world is being made

10--Obama national security strategy

11--Nord Stream 2.0 Makes Russia the Winner of Gas Wars
The pipeline - signed on by powerful western corporations - precludes ability of any one country to stop Russian gas supplies - has already seen Turks increase progress on TurkishStream

12--Washington Pursuing 'Dangerous and Losing' Strategy With Russia, leslie gelb

13--Russia Is Taking Full Advantage Of Greek Crisis, oil price

14--EIA Data Still Diverging From Reality

15---Russia policy on Syria president unchanged: Kremlin

16--Obama’s Pacific Trade Deal Trails Behind China’s Development Vision

17---Ufa could be the yuan moment 

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