Friday, July 3, 2015

Today's Links

1--US to send first group of trained militants into Syria: Officials
2--Foreign Ministry praises law banning undesirable foreign groups in Russia
3--‘Confrontational’: Kremlin spokesman slams anti-Russian provisions of fresh US military doctrine

4---Dragon Rising: Is China Capable of Challenging US Global Dominance?

5--US labor force participation rate hits lowest level in nearly four decades
The share of the US population that is either employed or actively trying to find work, known as the labor force participation rate, has fallen to its lowest level in 38 years.
The last time this figure was below its present level of 62.6 was 1977, before tens of millions of women entered the labor force.

The US labor force participation rate for men, meanwhile, last month hit its lowest level ever on records dating back nearly seven decades. In 1948, 86 percent of men of working age were engaged in the labor force: now, that figure is down to 69 percent: a decline of 17 percentage points.
For adults aged 25 to 54, there has been no increase in the labor force participation rate over the whole of the past year, despite a steady decline in the official unemployment rate.
The persistent fall in the labor force participation rate reflects the fact that millions if not tens of millions of people have simply given up looking for work, either because there are no jobs available, or because of the terrible pay and working conditions at those that are.

6---Atmospheric temperatures rise to record levels as glaciers disintegrate
7--A summer of trouble and strife awaits markets

8---New Silk Road A Disaster Waiting To Happen?
When china builds a pipeline its political.
When the US builds a pipeline its economic
Got that?

9--The payroll disaster

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