Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Today's Links

1--Syria’s Nightmarish Narrative, Robert Parry

With military and political help from Saudi Arabia and Israel, the nightmare scenario of an Al-Qaeda and/or Islamic State victory in Syria may be coming true, as the army of the more secular Syrian government retreats and as President Obama seems frozen by indecision, reports Robert Parry.

2--What record-high margin debt means for stocks, cnbc

3--The 23 Count Indictment of the TPP, NC

4--Consumer Confidence Tumbles, Misses By Most In 5 Years, ZH

5--Japan retail sales plunge 9.7 percent in March, cnbc

"Bad news I good news"
Japan's retail sales for March plunged 9.7 percent on-year, well below expectations, after last year's sales were front-loaded as shoppers splurged ahead of a sales-tax increase.
Retail sales were expected to fall 7.3 percent, according to a Reuters poll of 17 analysts. The decline follows February's 1.8 percent drop.
"If you look at the larger data points of the past three to six months, they've been pretty bad all around," Joe Zidle, a portfolio strategist at Richard Bernstein Advisors, told CNBC. "If you think about the consumer's importance ... it's 60 percent of the Japanese economy, I think this ratchets up the pressure on the Bank of Japan (BOJ) in order to introduce more stimulus."

6--Crisis, what crisis? -The al-Qaeda takeover of Syria, RT

7--U.S. Corporations Spent $1 Trillion in Stock Buybacks, economic populist

8---Iran's military 'seizes US cargo ship' Independent

9---Dollar Falls to 2-Month Low as Slow GDP Paves Way for Fed Delay, Bloomberg

10--NYSE Margin Debt Hits An All-Time High, doug short

11-- "The united States is an outlaw country. It's always been an outlaw country." Russell Means

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