Sunday, February 15, 2015

Today's links

1--E. Ukraine leaders order ceasefire, voice amendments to constitution, RT
The DPR leader also said that rebels won’t release a large group of Ukrainian troops, who have been entrapped near the village of Debaltsevo since early February.
“Their every attempt to break out will be suppressed,” Zakharchenko is cited by RIA-Novosti news agency.
The rebels’ leader reminded that “there wasn’t a word mentioning Debaltsevo in the agreements” signed in Minsk on February 12, which means that “Ukraine simply betrayed the 5,000 people trapped in the Debaltsevo ‘cauldron’.”

2---Right Sector could destroy Minsk peace deal before it even starts’ – analyst, RT

3--Fresh talks begin on forcing Greece to accept austerity package, wsws

4--US and Ukrainian officials seek to torpedo Minsk cease-fire agreement, wsws

5--A Greek morality tale: why we need a global debt restructuring framework, Joe Stiglitz, guardian

6--The Minsk ceasefire deal, point by point, RT

Safety Zone--?  A pullout of heavy weapons. The parties agreed to a compromise disengagement line. Kiev is to pull artillery and other hardware from the current frontline while the rebels would do it from the frontline as it was in September, before they gained ground in a January counter-offensive. The OSCE-monitored safety zone would be 50 km to 150 km wide for weapons, depending on their range. The pullout is to be completed by March 1.

7--Long way from peace’: Over 10 civilians killed in E. Ukraine shelling after Minsk agreement RT

8--Why stricter rules threaten the Eurozone, Simon Tilford

9--The rebels have informed that they need all of the territory of the Donetsk region under their control, not just the area they fully control right now.
DPR’s head Aleksandr Zakharchenko said that the rest of the region is regarded as “temporarily occupied” and will be liberated politically or militarily. Political way is preferable as it helps save human lives, but if politics does not succeed, “we’ve already drawn attention to our capability to solve issues militarily, and not once for that matter,” Zakharchenko said.

10--US threatens military intervention as UN warns of “disintegration” in Yemen, wsws

11--Peace over war, crosstalk

12---Ukraine Cease-Fire Goes Into Effect, but Rebel Leader in Key Town Repudiates Accord, NYT

13--The useless agreement which everybody wanted , saker

14--The Minsk "Agreement"
by Alexander Mercouris, saker

15--Minsk 2.0 Is Just The Pause Button, MOA

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