Thursday, November 6, 2014

Today's Links

1--Putin's speech at the Valdai Club - full transcript , Saker

2---Midterms 2014: The Red Wedding for Democrats, naked capitalism
Figure 1:  Changing Distribution of Income Growth During Economic Expansion
LEGEND: The blue bars are the bottom 90% of the population by income; the red bars are the top 10%.

The bottom line is that in the Bush “recovery,” nearly all the gains were creamed off by the top 10%; and in the Obama “recovery,” the bottom 90% actually lost ground. That’s “the wrong track” you keep hearing about. Chris Cilizza:
Lost in the coverage of the elation of Republicans was the fact that the electorate is deeply pessimistic about the future of the country. Almost half of all the people who voted Tuesday said life for the next generation of Americans would be “worse than life today.” Nearly eight in 10 people said they were “very” (37 percent) or “somewhat” (40 percent) worried about the direction of the nation’s economy. Two-thirds said the country is “seriously off on the wrong track.” [3]

3--Toxic brand’: Britons say religion does more bad than good, atheists ‘more moral’ than believers, RT

4--The Democrats may not recover from this massacre , guardian

5--Obama loses the respect of Russians – poll, RT

6--British mainstream freaks out over RT UK launch, RT

7--Republicans, Obama prepare post-election escalation of war, social attacks, wsws

8--The Economic Recovery’s Missing Ingredient, CP

9--The Democratic Party implosion, wsws

10--The Big Unwind: After Messing up the Housing Market, the “Smart Money” Bails Out , wolf street

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