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1--Obama Should Release Ukraine Evidence, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)

your administration still has issued no coordinated intelligence assessment summarizing what evidence exists to determine who was responsible – much less to convincingly support repeated claims that the plane was downed by a Russian-supplied missile in the hands of Ukrainian separatists.
Your administration has not provided any satellite imagery showing that the separatists had such weaponry, and there are several other “dogs that have not barked.” Washington’s credibility, and your own, will continue to erode, should you be unwilling – or unable – to present more tangible evidence behind administration claims….
If the intelligence on the shoot-down is as weak as it appears judging from the fuzzy scraps that have been released, we strongly suggest you call off the propaganda war and await the findings of those charged with investigating the shoot-down. If, on the other hand, your administration has more concrete, probative intelligence, we strongly suggest that you consider approving it for release, even if there may be some risk of damage to “sources and methods.” Too often this consideration is used to prevent information from entering the public domain where, as in this case, it belongs.
We reiterate our recommendations of May 4, that you remove the seeds of this confrontation by publicly disavowing any wish to incorporate Ukraine into NATO and that you make it clear that you are prepared to meet personally with Russian President Putin without delay to discuss ways to defuse the crisis and recognize the legitimate interests of the various parties. [emphasis added]

2---Video blog on Gaza devastation by British Channel 4 News presenter attracts wide audience, wsws

3---Credit Nimrod, macronomy BlogSpot

Bloomberg's recent Chart of the Day:
"Miserly pay increases for working Americans back Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s view that
inflation isn’t about to accelerate, making the case for continued central bank stimulus.
The CHART OF THE DAY shows wage growth remains stuck around 2 percent a year, where it’s been since the recession ended five years ago, even as the Fed’s preferred measure of inflation has recently picked up. Slack in the labor market, including people in part-time positions because they can’t find full-time jobs and those who have stopped searching for work because they are discouraged over prospects, probably means it will be difficult for earnings to accelerate.
“Inflation doesn’t happen with lots of slack and when wage growth falls behind,” said Jonathan Wright, an economics professor at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore who worked at the Fed’s division of monetary affairs from 2004 until 2008.

4---Moscow blasts Kiev’s false accusations and lack of cooperation with air crash investigators, RT

The Russian Foreign Ministry has said Ukrainian authorities refuse to hold peace talks or help the international investigation of the Malaysian airliner disaster, preferring to throw absurd and unfounded accusations against Russia.

Russia is mourning the passengers of the Malaysian Boeing together with the whole world, Foreign Ministry spokesman Aleksandr Lukashevich said in an official statement released on Wednesday.
These innocent people were killed in the war that is currently being waged in Ukraine and it is important that the Kiev authorities refuse to announce an armistice which has been repeatedly suggested by the federalist fighters. The Ukrainian military continue to use heavy weaponry on towns and villages, including those that are in the immediate vicinity of the Flight MH17 crash site, Lukashevich said.

Every day and every hour representatives of the Kiev regime consider it necessary to make absurd and completely unfounded accusations against Russia instead of helping the full and unbiased international probe into the reasons for the disaster. According to recent reports, instead of helping Ukraine’s security services are holding some covert interactions with data carriers and employees of the Ukrainian air traffic controllers,” Lukashevich said in the statement.
All this is obviously against the objective and unbiased investigation, the Russian diplomat added.
Lukashevich also said that this was not the first case of such behavior on the part of the Ukrainian authorities.

Where is the promised investigation of the Maidan shooting? Who are the people that shot the police and the protesters from the building controlled by the Maidan committee? Their faces are well known, but I recall that many respectful news agencies and TV channels from Europe and the US have failed to provide the public with this information,” the spokesman stated.

Where is the probe into the terrible tragedy in Odessa where dozens of people were burnt alive, purposefully and in cold blood, and state officials participated in this? There people who jumped out of windows of the burning building were bludgeoned to death. I think that these things also were not shown to people in Europe and the USA,” Lukashevich said.

The Russian official claimed the Western mass media had imposed “an information blackout” on many events that had happened, and that are still happening in the south-east of Ukraine.
Kiev authorities used weapons of mass destruction in villages, towns and densely populated cities in reply to the initially peaceful protest of the people who wanted to protect their rights. Missiles are exploding now in residential districts of Donetsk and Lugansk. Many hundreds of people have died. Those who consider this normal should stop using the stilted phrases about Human Rights,” the senior Russian diplomat stated.

What Kiev is doing now is immoral and inhumane,” Lukashevich concluded.
Russia’s Foreign Ministry is again calling on all sides for an immediate ceasefire as this is a necessary condition for saving civilian lives and for the full investigation of the airliner tragedy.

5---S&P 500 Caps Worst Week Since 2012 as Crises Offset Data , Bloomberg

U.S. stocks joined a global selloff yesterday, sending the S&P 500 to its first monthly decline since January, after companies from Exxon Mobil Corp. to Samsung Electronics Co. reported results that disappointed investors, Argentina defaulted and Banco Espirito Santo SA was ordered to raise capital....

The S&P 500, which is still up 4.2 percent this year, has gone without a 10 percent correction since 2011. The benchmark index is down 3.2 percent from a record of 1,987.98 reached on July 24. It trades at 17.5 times the reported earnings of its companies, near the highest level since 2010.

Market volatility is rising after the S&P 500 ended its longest stretch of calm since 1995. The index has posted gains or losses of more than 1 percent three times in the past two weeks, compared with none during the 62 days through July 16, data compiled by Bloomberg show. ....

The Fed this week cut its monthly bond buying to $25 billion in its sixth consecutive $10 billion reduction. The Fed’s Open Market Committee reiterated that it’s likely to reduce bond buying in “further measured steps” and to keep interest rates low for a “considerable time” after ending purchases. The central bank said slack in the labor market persists even though the economy is picking up.
Fed Bank of Dallas President Richard Fisher said he believes the timing has moved up for the first main interest rate increase from close to zero because of a strengthening economy and higher inflation.
“It would seem to me and I have been arguing this that the date of so-called liftoff has been moved forward,” Fisher said today in a CNBC interview. “I believe personally we have moved that forward significantly,” possibly as soon as “sometime early next year,” he said.

6---Lack of Defaults/Foreclosures/Short Sales; A Serious Housing & Spending Headwind, mark hanson

....the halting of foreclosures and short sales due to can-kicking — and to a larger extent exotic mortgage mods — has caused serious structural damage to the demand equation of the macro housing market, which amazingly hasn’t not dawned on many yet.  They see and report the data each month, but most haven’t connected the dots…”distressed” drove the past few years of housing market “stim-covery“; and millions of over-levered, underwater homeowners stuck in their house either underwater or in a 2% interest only mod — unable to sell or rebuy — greatly diminished the nation’s “total potential demand. One needs to look no further than the dramatic divergence between builder demand (driven by end-users) and resale demand (driven by spec-vestors) to understand this.

7---Biderman on jobs and stocks, trimtabs

"58 million people who could work, don't work. They're not coming back."
Minimum wages up, but no income pick up...
More than twice as much money has gone into checking and savings instead of stocks and bonds this year...they don't trust the market...But savings are not increasing that much because wages and salaries are not growing that much for the country as a whole."

8---Does Washington want war with Russia?, wsws

From start to finish, the Ukraine crisis has been instigated by US imperialism. Every action Washington has taken has been directed at exacerbating and intensifying this crisis. The longer this crisis goes on, the clearer it becomes that US policy is directed not so much at Ukraine as at Russia itself. Ukraine, it would seem, is meant merely to provide the pretext for a war with Russia.
Short of that, it would be used to force a humiliating capitulation by Moscow that would only set the stage for redoubled aggression aimed at Russia’s dismemberment and transformation into a powerless semi-colony.

Presumably, those in the White House and the Pentagon believe that such a conflict would stop short of a nuclear war, but who knows?
The threat of a US war on Russia is also apparent in the flood of war propaganda being unleashed upon the public. Vladimir Putin is being subjected to the same kind of demonization previously reserved for Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi, while the State Department and its faithful scribes at the New York Times serve up “photographic evidence” of Russian troops in Ukraine that has all the authenticity of similar “proofs” of Iraq’s “weapons of mass destruction.”

What underlies the US war drive? In the run-up to the Ukraine crisis, Washington had grown increasingly incensed by Moscow’s role in blocking US war plans against both Syria and Iran, not to mention Putin’s granting of asylum to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Earlier, there was the fiasco that Moscow dealt Washington in the US-backed 2008 war launched by Georgia against South Ossetia. The events in Ukraine suggest that US imperialism has embarked on a strategy to eliminate Russia as an obstacle to its drive to assert hegemony over the Middle East and, more broadly, the landmass of Eurasia

9--The ‘meh’ economy: What it means for 2014 politico

Over the past two years, per-capita income adjusted for inflation has risen just 1.16 percent, down from 2.54 percent in the first two years of the recovery. Average hourly earnings rose just 1 cent to $24.45 in the latest jobs report. Employers clearly feel little pressure to pay workers more or keep them on the job longer.

10--Poroshenko: Ukraine not to give up on Crimea, itar tass

11---More blood on Kiev's hands, itar tass

The rules were approved by the EU Council on December 8, 2008 and defined standards and a code of behavior as minimal requirements to regulate supply of military products. Point Three of the rules calls for giving no license for export of a military technology and equipment that can provoke or prolong an armed conflict or aggravate tension or a conflict in the country where it is used. Point Two stipulates that supplied arms must not be used for repressions in the country.

It is obvious that to achieve doubtful political goals, Brussels is ready not only to ignore how Kiev fulfils its international obligations, but also violate regulations of its own documents, the ministry said.

12--US to arm and train Nazis to continue ethnic cleansing in E Ukraine, Ria novoski

The United States’ intention to allocate $19 million to train and equip the Ukrainian National Guard is direct complicity in genocide of civilians in Ukraine’s southeastern regions, the head of Russian parliament’s security and anti -corruption committee said on Saturday.
“At a time when the Ukrainian National Guard is carrying out punitive operations in Donbas, the United States’ promises to allocate $19 million to train and to arm this military unit, which includes militants of the radical Right Sector movement, can be regarded as direct complicity in genocide of civilians in Ukraine’s southeast, as well as in war crimes,” Irina Yarovaya told journalists.

Earlier on Friday, Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby announced that the United States was planning to spend $19 million in 2015 on training and equipment of the Ukrainian National Guard “as part of their efforts to build their capacity for internal defense."

13---"In his statement, the White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest implicitly acknowledged that Ukraine’s air defense systems had been present in the Donetsk area, although he claimed they had not been operating," the source said, commenting on Earnest’s words that the missile that hit the flight MH17 was launched from the area controlled by the militia.

14--EU provides support for Ukraine crackdown , RT

The European Union has “quietly” agreed to lift restrictions supplying Kiev with military technology and equipment which can be used for the “repression” in the country, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.
"During a recent meeting of the Council of Europe in Brussels, leaders of EU member states agreed 'on the quiet' to remove restrictions on exports to Kiev of equipment that could be used for internal repression," the ministry said in a statement on its website. "Exports of military technologies and equipment were also allowed."
Moscow slammed the move as "contradicting the rules of military technologies and ammunition exports which have been earlier applied by the EU" and also "pierced" by double standards....

According to UN figures, at least 1,129 people have been killed and nearly 3,500 wounded in eastern Ukraine since the start of the operation in April. Also, 100,000 people have been forcibly displaced.
The UN report said that the cause of the rising death toll is intensified artillery shelling of civilian residential areas and so-called “collateral damage” in heavily-populated areas.

15---‘Divide and ruin’: How NATO’s policy is destroying Libya, RT

16--We just want the war to end’: Refugees flee E. Ukraine turmoil, RT

The city is being plunged into a humanitarian crisis. Gas facilities have been damaged in Lugansk. Electricity has been cut off for several days already, there are also problems with running water while the air temperature reaches 30 C....“The situation in Ukraine is atrocious, a humanitarian catastrophe. The children are miserable, people are miserable. Of course, everyone has to be saved. The need for a humanitarian corridor is indisputable. The Red Cross is doing all it can,” said Tatiana Klennitskaya, a spokeswoman for the Russian Red Cross. 

17---The New Cold War--MH17 – Sacrificed Airliner, counterpunch

I worked for several hours, on improving the original translation, while trying to keep the original tone in which this was presented.

Ukrainian officials reported that on the day of the Boeing-777 accident, there were no military aircraft flying in the region. So, as you can see, it does not appear to be true.
…We also have some questions for our US partners. According to the statement of the US representatives, they have some pictures from space supporting that the militants launched the missile. But nobody has seen these pictures....

According to our records from 17:06 till 17:21 Moscow time on the July 17 over the Southeastern territory of Ukraine, a US space satellite flew overhead. This is a special device of the experimental space system designed to detect and track various missile launches. If the US party has photos made by the satellite, please let us ask them to show them to world community for further investigation....

Is it a coincidence or not? However, the time of the Malaysian Boeing-777 accident and the time of the observation done by the satellite over the Ukrainian territory are the same. In conclusion, I would like to mention that all the concrete information is based on the objective and reliable data of the different Russian equipment, in contrast to the accusations of the US against us, made without any evidence. A good example of such facts is that some mass media showed the transportation of a Buk-M1 missile system from Ukrainian to Russian territory. We can clearly see that it is a frame-up. These pictures were taken in the city of Krasnoarmeisk, which is confirmed by a banner situated close to the road. This banner has an address of the car shop situated at No. 34, Dnepropetrovskaya Street. Since May 11th, the Krasnoarmeysk city has been under the control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

General Kartapolov argued that:
After the Malaysia Airlines Boeing-777 accident on July 17, studying the international flight-plan for, Amsterdam – Kuala Lumpur, we can find a quantity of conflicting information. In this case, the Russian Federation Ministry of
Defense considers it necessary to submit the information which is at the General Staff’s disposal. On the scheme you can see the international flight-path. The
Boeing-777 was supposed to fly on this flight-path. Draw your attention to the fact that the aircraft was flying inside the specified air corridor to Donetsk, but then it deviated north from the route. Meanwhile the maximum distance from the left border of the air corridor was 14 kilometers.

Then we can see that the Boeing-777 turned back to the borders of the specified air corridor.

Nevertheless, the Malaysian aircrew didn’t perform the maneuver successfully. At 17.20 the aircraft began registering a rate reduction, at 17.23 the aircraft’s point blinked off on the radar. Why did the aircraft cross the border of the air corridor? Was it a navigation mistake, or the aircrew following the Dnepropetrovsk ground control orders? We will find out the answers after the decoding of the “black boxes” and communications. According to our information on the day of the accident, the Ukrainian Armed Forces deployed 3 to 4 artillery batteries of Buk-M1 missile systems not far from Donetsk. The system can hit targets at a distance of up to 35 kilometers, and at an altitude, up to 22 kilometers. Why did the Ukrainian Armed Forces deploy these air defense units in the Donetsk region? As we know militants don’t have any aircraft.

On the scheme we can see that both the projected impact point and the flight-path are inside the air defense battle zone of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ Buk-M1 missile system. We have satellite photos of the Ukrainian Air Defense systems deployed in the Southeast of the country.”...

At 17.20 P.M. at a distance of 51 kilometers from the Russian Federation state boundary and the azimuth of 3000 (degrees), the aircraft started to lose its speed inexplicably, which is to be seen quite distinctively on the table of the aircraft characteristics. At 17.21.35 (seconds) P.M. with the aircraft at a speed of 200 km/h, at the point of the Boeing crash, there is a new mark of an aircraft to be seen

18---Russia Presents Its Account of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Crash, WSJ
Moscow Presents Images It Argues Show Ukraine Fighter Jet or Missiles May Have Been Involved

At the news conference broadcast from Moscow, Russian air force chief Lt. Gen. Igor Makushev didn't say outright who the ministry thought had fired the missile that apparently brought down the airliner Thursday. Nor did he provide any photographic, radar or satellite evidencethat would show a missile track.
But he said that Russian radar had spotted a second aircraft in the ill-fated airliner's vicinity just before the crash and that it was likely a Ukrainian fighter jet. A graphic that Gen. Makushev said was based on radar data depicted four commercial planes in the area shortly before the crash, as well as the alleged Ukrainian fighter jet. (View an interactive seating chart of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.)

His presentation also suggested an alternative theory, that satellite imagery showed Ukraine also had moved missile systems into the area before the incident. The air force chief presented several slides of satellite images he said showed the Ukrainian missile-system movements.
The suggested version of events echoed much of what has been reported on Russian state television in recent days, which has suggested that Ukraine could have shot down the plane, possibly via one of its fighter planes.
U.S. officials dismissed the Russian government's claim that a second plane was present when Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down last week as "desperate" propaganda....

Mr. Churkin said Ukraine would have to answer to international investigators regarding the activities of its air-traffic controllers, why a Ukrainian antiaircraft missile battery in the area of the crash was "hastily removed," and why Ukrainian radar was operating "at an all-time high" on the day of the incident. He also accused Ukraine of "touching up" intercepted phone calls of rebel commanders with audio from before the date of the crash.

Kiev has dismissed Russian claims that it could have been involved, and Ukraine's security service has posted intercepted phone calls that it says are of pro-Russia rebel commanders discussing having shot down a plane they discovered afterward was a civilian aircraft. Moscow and the rebels have denied this...

Earlier on Monday, Gen. Makushev said that the two Russian radar stations near Russia's border with Ukraine observed the presence of the second aircraft over a period of four minutes on the day of Flight 17's crash. These stations couldn't identify the aircraft because it mostly likely wasn't equipped with the system of secondary identification of aircrafts, "which is characteristic of fighter jets," he said.

Gen. Makushev said that Russian radars could only spot the aircraft at the point of its ascension because the on-duty radars only detected objects at above 5,000 meters. Russian radars spotted the unidentified plane patrolling in the vicinity of Flight 17, "controlling the development of the situation," he said.
The defense ministry also said it registered the Su-25 fighter jet ascending within close range of several civil aircrafts, including the Malaysia Airlines jet.
Another top military official, Lt. Gen. Andrei Kartapolov, said at the same news conference that the jet came as close as 1.8 miles to Flight 17, which is well within the range of the air-to-air missiles it is usually equipped with...

Gen. Makushev also showed satellite photos allegedly showing several Buk-M1 ground-to-air missile systems in the area close to where the plane crashed. The systems, he argued, could only belong to the Ukrainian military. The Buks were spotted in Luhansk and Donetsk by Russians, Gen. Kartapolov said, in the days leading up to the crash. .....

Similarly, Gen. Makushev said the Malaysia Airlines plane deviated from its course by close to 9 miles near Donetsk but then attempted to return to its course, crashing shortly after. Russian radars spotted the Flight 17 rapidly descending 32 miles away from the Russian border, Russian officials said.
He said Russia is prepared to hand all of the information it has to the European authorities, which included satellite imagery and data from its own radar.
Russian defense ministry officials also claimed that a U.S. satellite was spotted at the time of the Flight 17 crash and asked that the U.S. release the satellite images from that time. The U.S. didn't immediately comment on the claim.

July 17, 2014 the same day as MH17 downed!

Russian jets shot down a Ukrainian SU-25 fighter plane that was on military operations over the east of Ukraine, where government forces are fighting to quell a pro-Russian separatist rebellion, the Ukrainian military said on Thursday.
It was the first time Ukraine had directly accused Russia of using air power in the war. In a previous attack on a military transporter, which it said was launched from Russia, Kiev was unable to specify whether it came from landbased missiles or airborne.
Russia's defence ministry declined to comment on Thursday's accusation by Kiev.
The Ukrainian Defence Ministry said the plane was brought down on Wednesday night near Amvrosiyivka, about 15 km (about 9 milles) from the border with Russia, by rockets which hit it in the tail as it wheeled away from the border.

"It is likely that this was carried out by air-to-air rockets from the Russian airforce which were patrolling the border in a pair," the ministry said in a statement on its website.
The pilot safely ejected, Andriy Lysenko, a spokesman for the National Defence and Security Council, told journalists.

The downing of the SU-25 came against a background of increasingly strident charges of direct Russian involvement in the three and a half month conflict in which the pro-Western government in Kiev is fighting to put down a rebellion by separatists who want a future in Russia. Moscow denies orchestrating the rebellion. But Western governments accuse it of failing to do enough to help curb the violence. U.S. President Barack Obama imposed sanctions on Wednesday on some of Russia's biggest companies, limiting their access to funding.

20--Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash: Ukrainian SU-25 military jet was flying close to passenger plane before it was shot down, says senior Russian officer, Belfast telegraph

21---Report: Russia Denies It Shot Down Ukrainian Warplane, VOA

22--Russia Rejects 'Absurd' Accusation Over Downed Ukrainian Jet, RFE

23--Where are the air traffic control recordings, Kiev Authorities Suspected of Passing MH17 Air Traffic Control Recordings to US Analysts, itar tass

July 23 (RIA Novosti) – The Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) could have handed over recordings of conversations between air traffic control and Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 to US analysts in Kiev, a Ukraine government source said Wednesday.
"Everyone is in a hurry realizing that the international commission could seize all physical evidence. Soon, there will be no access to it, no opportunity to examine it anymore," the source added.
Earlier, a number of media outlets reported that the SBU confiscated tapes of conversations between Ukrainian air traffic control officers and the crew of Malaysia Airlines plane that crashed last week.
The flight recorders recovered from the wreckage of the plane were delivered to Britain to be analyzed under the supervision of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
The Malaysia Airlines plane with 298 people on board, including 85 children, was downed on July 17 near the town of Torez in eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk Region. There were no survivors.

On 23 July, two Ukrainian military jets were hit by missiles at the altitude of 17,000 feet (5,200 m) close to the area of the MH17 crash. According to the Ukraine Security Council, the missiles came from Russia.[86]
Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin E. Dempsey has said that instead of backing away from supporting the rebels in the wake of the airline tragedy, Putin had "actually taken a decision to escalate...
 the rebels promised to "provide safe access and security guarantees" to "the national investigation commission" by co-operating with Ukrainian authorities and OSCE monitors.[88] During the first two days of investigation, the militants prevented the OSCE and other international observers from freely working at the crash site. According to the Ukrainian government, the separatists were destroying all evidence of the crime "with the help of Russia", including moving 38 bodies to Donetsk.[89] Andre Purgin, a leader of the Donetsk People's Republic, declared later that "we will guarantee the safety of international experts on the scene as soon as Kiev concludes a ceasefire agreement".[90]...

On 24 July, the Dutch Safety Board announced that they had successfully downloaded data from the flight data recorder and were proceeding to analyse the data. No evidence of manipulation of the data was found.[115]
On 30 July, it was reported by a Ukrainian representative that pro-Russian rebels had mined approaches to the crash site and pulled heavy artillery around, making further work by international experts impossible [116] (The crash site was not mined)

ballistics specialist Stephan Fruhling (of the Australian National University's Strategic and Defence Studies Centre) added that a large hole in one of the aircraft fragments was caused by a violent blast of decompression from holes inflicted by hot shrapnel from an SA-11 proximity fuzed warhead.[131]
External audio
Pro-Russian rebels allegedly discuss the shooting down of an aircraft[j]
On 19 July, Vitaly Nayda, the chief of the Counter Intelligence Department of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), told a news conference, "We have compelling evidence that this terrorist act was committed with the help of the Russian Federation. We know clearly that the crew of this system were Russian citizens."[132][133][134

On 21 July, the Russian Defence Ministry held a press conference and said that just before the crash, a Ukrainian Su-25 ground-attack aircraft approached to within 3 to 5 kilometres (1.9 to 3.1 mi) of the Malaysian airliner. The Ministry also stated that satellite photographs showed that the Ukrainian army moved a Buk SAM battery to the area close to the territory controlled by the rebels on the morning of 17 July, hours before the crash. They said the installation was then moved away again by 18 July.[143][144]

official dismissed Russian allegations that MH17 took evasive action and said the claim that the Ukrainian government had shot down MH17 was not realistic, as Kiev had no such missile systems in that area, which was rebel-controlled.[122] US intelligence officials also claim that Russia was attempting to disguise the flow of weaponry it was delivering to the rebels by sending older weapons that matched Ukraine's inventory.[10]

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte complained about the lack of respect shown to the personal belongings of the dead which were reportedly looted. He initially announced his disgust about the handling of the bodies of the casualties that were reportedly being "dragged around" and "thrown", but later stated the bodies were handled with more care than originally estimated.[157][158]

Russian medias have announced that an Ukrainian An-26 plane was downed by the rebels

MH17 hit by missile from rebel-held Ukraine - Obama



10 questions

Natasha Culzac (28 July 2014). "MH17 crash: Black boxes show plane suffered 'massive explosive decompression' following shrapnel hit - Europe - World". The Independent. Retrieved 28 July 2014.

^ "Ukrainian Su-25 fighter detected in close approach to MH17 before crash – Moscow". RT. 21 July 2014. Retrieved 21 July 2014.

AN 26 downed

But the unscrupulousness of the separatists has already been proven; they shot down a passenger liner in cold blood. "
You must be privy to evidence the rest of the world has yet to see. As of this time I have not seen any solid evidence linking the separatists to shooting down this airliner. In fact, it was the Russians thus far who have produced the best evidence and the best questions yet to be answered. The Americans case seems to be based on pure speculation and social media posts, despite them declaring that they have smoking gun satellite photos which they have not released. The Ukrainian secret security service confiscated the ATC records on the day of the crash (as reported by the BBC) and we haven't heard anything about that since and no one in the media is bothering to ask!
I also note now how the coverage on this story has dropped like a brick and there are questions still to be answered and an actual proper professional response to the Russians for their questions.
The release of the ATC records (will we ever see them?) would shed an awful lot of light on the Russians declaring there was an SU-25 near to the airliner when it went down, but no ATC records and no mention of them on the MSM.
I'm amazed that people have been suckered into this propaganda considering only 10 years previous we were all being thoroughly lied to about the reasons for going into Iraq.

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