We all know American wages are too low and growing too slowly. But it took Goldman Sachs, of all things, to point out just how historically bad wage growth really is.

Since the Great Recession, wages have been growing at a rate of only about 2 percent per year -- the slowest since at least 1965, according to a new research note by Goldman economist Jan Hatzius. (Story continues below Goldman's chart of grim sadness, courtesy of Business Insider

That's the bad news: Wage growth is barely keeping up with inflation.

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To put that into more concrete terms: Someone born in the bottom fifth of the income ladder in Atlanta, Georgia, where economic mobility is low, has a 4.5 percent chance of reaching the top fifth of the income ladder, the study found. Meanwhile in Washington, D.C., a city with high economic mobility, the chance of moving up the income ladder is about 11 percent

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