Thursday, August 23, 2012

Today's links

1--.U.S. Stocks Fall Amid Speculation Over Stimulus Outlook, Bloomberg

2--More government policy changes to impact the housing market, OC Housing

3--U.S. Home Prices Post Biggest Jump Since 2005, WSJ

4--Lost Decade for Shrinking Middle Class, WSJ

5--Greece’s Great Depression: “Everyone is Going into a Black Hole”, naked capitalism

6--Nearly half of Fannie Mae REO unable to reach market, housingwire

7--Changes to Money Market Funds Stall, NY Times

8--Fear Gauge Loses Track, Paul Amery, naked capitalsim
The US equity market’s main risk measure is back down to the levels we saw in 2007. But declines in volatility mask substantially different behaviour from stocks than pre-crisis.

9--Looking Under the Hood of the Stock Rally, WSJ

10--Fed minutes suggest strongly that QE3 is coming in September, Big Picture
11--The Fiscal Cliff Is Not as Steep As It Seems, CEPR

12--Housing Recovery: It's Better Than the NYT Thinks, CEPR

13--European Union intensifies pressure on Greece for social cuts, WSWS
14--Saudi Arabia is pumping at record levels but risks to crude supply disruptions remain, sober look

15--US housing inventory at post-crisis lows, sober look

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