Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Today's Best Reads

1--Gold Hits Record High As Investors Flee Markets,Sandy Shore, Huffington Post

2--Rome is burning, Karl Smith, Modeled Behavior

3--Why the Stimulus Ran Out of Steam, Joshua Green, The Atlantic

4--David Rosenberg Refutes Misconceptions About The "Recovery", zero hedge
Worth mention: "We are currently experiencing the recession with the slowest job creation in history. And based on our prior estimates, the recession will last around 85 months before we regain the unemployment rate seen at the onset in December 2007."

5--Albert Edwards: "Equity Investors Are In A Vulcan Death Grip And Are About To Fall Unconscious, zero hedge
Quote: "One should follow the leading indicators closely. These are variously pointing either to a hard landing or, at best, a decisive slowdown. In my view we are poised to slide back into another global recession: the data is slowing sharply but, just like Japan in its Ice Age, most still touchingly believe we are soft-landing. But before driving off a cliff to a hard (crash?) landing we might feel reassured when we pass a sign that reads Soft Landing and we can kid ourselves all is well.....with margins so high, any cyclical slowdown will crush productivity growth. Already in Q2, US productivity growth fell 1.8% - the steepest fall since Q3 2006.....

If we plunge back into recession, do not place too much confidence in the Central Banks having control of events. As my colleague, Dylan Grice, said last week "let them keep pressing their buttons." Ultimately they cannot fool all of the investors, all of the time." (Albert Edwards, via zero hedge)....Devastating

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