Thursday, September 2, 2010

Today's Best Reads

1--Gallup Poll Shows Consumer Spending Pullback, Consumer Confidence Levels Below Depressed 2009 Levels ; Back-to-School Sales Bust Says WSJ, Mish's global economic trend analysis

2--Drunk baboons plague Cape Town's exclusive suburbs, UK Telegraph

3--The Economic Narrative, Paul Krugman, New york Times (Obama misses on stimulus)

4--Face It, Nobody Is Bullish Anymore, Vincent Fernando, Business Insider

5--The Intelligent and Judicious Martin Wolf Gives the Verdict on the Obama Presidency, Bradford DeLong, Grasping reality with both hands

6--Nonsense on Hiring, Taxes, and Regulation, Dean Baker, CEPR

7--Immigrants Make U.S. Workers Richer, Wall Street Journal

8--Not All Are True to Schools, Investors Differ Over Prospects of For-Profit Education, Wall Street Journal

9--For Case-Shiller Housing Prices, October Is The "Witching Hour", calculated risk

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