Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Today's Best Reads

1--The fallacy of taking German lessons, Mark Weisbrot, The Guardian

2--Chris Whalen's memo to Obama, zero hedge

3--The Real Lesson from the Great Depression: Fiscal Policy Works!, Marshall Auerback, New Deal 2.0 (WPA etc)

4--Government Regulation and the Financial Crisis, Mike Konzcal, Rortybomb

5--Obama and Jobs--He Should Look to FDR, Saul Friedman, Huffington Post

6--SEC Wants Securitization Made Easy, Daniel Indiviglio, The Atlantic

7--Does Anyone Believe That Unemployment Would Be Just 6.8% If Obama Hadn't Extended Jobless Benefits?, Tech Ticker

8--ACLU Sues U.S. Over Targeted Killing of Citizens, Bloomberg News

9--Japan 1998, Paul Krugman, New York Times

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